US Based Liberian Cleric Called On Compatriots To Utilize Their For The Transformation Of Home Country

Pastor Christopher H. Tamba

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: June 11, 2019–A leading Liberian prelate is calling on his compatriots around the world to utilize their intellectual endowment for the development and transformation of mama Liberia. “I ask each and every Liberian in this room, within various states of [the] Americas, and the world over, to use your God given talents, and skills that your education has allowed, to push for a brighter future…”, Pastor Christopher H. Tamba told a gathering of largely Liberians last Saturday in Stoughton, Massachusetts during an event dubbed by its organizers as The Bartuah Combo Bash.

The gathering was a combined graduation party and book launching event organized by the Bartuah family, not only to celebrate two family members who recently graduated from college and graduate school, but also a formal launching of, An Agenda for a Better Liberia-a Common Sense Approach to Nation-Building published last November by Joe Bartuah. On May 17, 2019, Mrs. Agnes T. Bartuah graduated from the Roxbury Community College with an Associate of Science degree in Early Childhood Education, while on May 30, 2019, Joseph G. Bartuah, Jr. earned his Master’s in Government from Harvard University.

Pastor Tamba, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Fruit of Life Healing Ministry, Incorporated based in Providence, Rhode Island, also called on his compatriots to diligently work towards creating “equal opportunity” and ensuring the creation of a Liberian society in which there will be “no corruption” and instead, “an honest respect for the Rule of Law…”.

Pastor Tamba who quoted the late U.S. President, Dwight D. Eisenhower as saying, “The clearest way to show what the rule of law means to us in everyday life is to recall what happened when there is no rule of law”, reminded the gathering that Liberian people deserve a socio-economic, political environment “that will enable human development, a well-structured government, and a level playing field” for all.

Speaking on the topic, “Essence of the Rule of Law”, the outspoken prelate reminded Liberians currently at the helm of power in the country, as well as ordinary folks who are languishing in economic miseries that “the source of all governmental power and authority is derived from the people”, as enshrined in article 1 of the constitution, adding, “We must use this power to both hold government officials accountable while working alongside them to better our country.”

Turning to the two graduates, Pastor Tamba congratulated them for their achievements and urged them not to be oblivious of the support and love they had received from their family members, which culminated into their successes. He admonished them to be mindful of the biblical instruction about humility, as found in Second Chronicle 7:14.

Earlier in welcoming the guests and giving a brief profile of his book, author Joe Bartuah noted that the book, which is primarily a series of public policy propositions, is premised on an adage which says that “Our attitude is just like a flat tire on a vehicle”, adding, ”If you don’t change it, you won’t go anywhere.”

Nothing that his 402-page book contains 14 chapters, thoroughly analyzing varied topics such as “Key Pillars of National Development; Youth Empowerment and National Development; Creating a Smart Governing Structure and Vowing Against Political Militarism” among others, the veteran journalist emphasized, “This book is a clarion call to our rulers in Liberia and the Liberian People to make prudent choices.”

Pastor Susan Kesselly of the Divine Deliverance Ministry in Canton, Mass offered a special prayer for the success of the book in influencing better policy choices by Liberian Government officials, that will bring much needed socio-economic relief to the Liberian people. She expressed optimism that the book would one day be a prescribed text for schools in Liberia.

Mr. Joe Teh who had written the foreword of the book, observed that some of the books written by past Liberian authors somehow distorted our history and therefore, it is now necessary to ensure a balanced perspective to our country’s historical accounts. Citing an example, he said the contents of some the old textbooks had claimed that the Liberian people “were originally inhabitants of the United States of America”, which was too simplistic and largely misleading, since all Liberians had not been “original inhabitants” of the U.S.

The former president of the Liberian Association of Metro Boston, Mr. Sesay Johnson also congratulated the graduates for their academic achievements and Mr. Bartuah for authoring an informative book about Liberia. The event brought together scores of Liberians, including the current vice President of the Liberian Association of Metro Boston, Ms. Jassie-Fredcia Senwah and many other friends of Liberia.

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