UP Alarms Violations Of New Elections Law, Accuses NEC 

Ahead of October 10, 2023 general and presidential elections, the opposition Unity Party (UP) has alarmed violations of new elections law; accuses National Elections Commission of registering more than three thousand voters at 93 voting precincts in 9 counties

Opposition Unity Party has officially informed the national elections commission about intentional violation of Chapter 4, section 4.1.2 of the 2014 revised national elections law.

The revised elections law states: The number of voters in every precinct shall be approximately equal, and unless the commission in any particular case so determines, the number of the registered voters in any precinct shall not exceed 3,000.

In a communication addressed to the Commission, Unity Party highlighted that 93 precinct in 9 counties constituting 4.5% of all voting precincts in Liberia have more than 3,000 registered voters.

Unity Party expressed believe that, in addition to the violation of the law by the NEC, overcrowded precincts will create opportunities for voters’ fraud including ballot stuffing.

Credit: OK FM

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