UBA Liberia Introduces Another Banking Technology To Liberian Students; LEO Chat Banking

Mrs. Melody Mezay Ketter, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications

Students of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) in central Monrovia were overwhelmed when staff of the United Bank for Africa (UBA Liberia) including its Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Olakekan Balogun introduced the LEO/UBA Chat Banking online services aimed at making banking easier to this level of generation, many of whom are young people.

L/R: CBL Official, Mr. Diakae Al Lewis and UBA Liberia CEO, Mr. Olalekan Balogun at the program

Mrs. Melody Mezay Ketter, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at the bank, officially informed the students of the importance of this new product being introduced by the UBA Liberia which she noted in eighteen countries around Africa said LEO Chatl Banking is one of the many banking produce being introduced by UBA, and further encouraged students of the AMEU to be a part of this banking revolution.

UBA Liberia CEO, Mr. Olalekan Balogun making a point on the new technology being introduced

Speaking at the occasion was the UBA Liberia Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer,  Mr. Olakekan Balogun who expressed thanks and appreciation to the students who turned out to form part of the LEO Chat banking system, and further encouraged them  to be a part of the bank’s newly introduced products.

Mr. David Ojo, Head of Digital Banking Sales explaining the importance of the LEO Digital Banking

The LEO Chat Banking services include: Check Balance, Send Money, Buy Airtime, Account Statement, Open Account, Load Prepaid Card and many more affordable for users of the bank’s customers around Liberia where UBA Liberia is grinded, and further bragged of the bank’s professional services around the globe.

Mr. Diakae Al Lewis, CBL official lauding the UBA Liberia management for its innovation of introducing this new technology

Making an impressive PowerPoint presentation to the students on the unique services of LEO Digital Banking Services, the Head of the Digital Banking Sales, Mr. David Ojo, said there are 2.2 million active users monthly on social media; Face Book, while 300,000 bot (an autonomous program on a network (especially the Internet) that can interact with computer systems or users, especially one designed to respond or behave like a player in an adventure game) on Face Book.

Students of AMEU listen to staff of UBA Liberia on the importance of this new product

Speaking to the overenthusiastic students, Mr. Ojo also disclosed that 200 million Face Book subscribers are in Africa, noting that over 24,000 Face Book subscribers currently in Liberia, he also disclosed that the ideal of the introduction of the LEO Chat started in 2017 and is now introduced this year; 2019. Concluding his presentation, Mr. Ojo called on the student population to be a part of this new innovation.

Mr. Daikae Al Lewis, Sr., Assistant Director IT & Cyber Security Regulation and Supervision Department at the Central Bank of Liberia who formed part of the occasion poured praises on the UBA Liberia team for its innovation posture of bringing modern banking in Liberia.

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