Transition Note By Liberia Chamber of Commerce Outgoing President, J. Wendell Addy

Liberia Chamber of Commerce Outgoing President, Mr. J. Wendell Addy

My fellow colleagues and distinguished members of the Chamber, First of all, please let me express to all of you, my thanks and appreciation for giving me the opportunity to serve and work with you all for a better, more inclusive, more responsive, and more engaged Chamber. While the tasks at times came with challenges, together we worked in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration as a constructive partner to the government, working in the interest of our members.

To all of you, thank you; your contributions made it possible. Our achievements together leave me hopeful that a strong, united, and engaged Chamber will make a difference in supporting the national development agenda for a better Liberia for all of us.

As we near the end of our official term of administering the affairs of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LCC), I sincerely express great appreciation to the Treasurer, Mr. Charles Collins, for  assuming  the  role  of  Acting  President  in  these  critical  times  of  the  LCC.

The  Acting President,  along  with  a  few  Executive  Council  (EC)  Members, Secretary  General, Ms. Salamartu  Duncan, and  the  staff,  have  exhibited  leadership  in  keeping  the  LCC  afloat. On behalf of the entire Executive Council, the general Membership, the business community and myself, we want you to know that we are appreciative of your service to the institution.

We look forward to appropriately recognizing your services later, along with that of Ms. Stephanie Harmon who has rendered 10 unbroken years of service to LCC. To  the  Leadership,  the  EC  and  Members,  I  apologize  for  my  extended  absence  from  the country. My departure from the country was to attend my mother-in-law’s funeral and to also address personal health matters–that which has prolonged my stay here in the United States.

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