They’re Coming Again With Big, Big Promises, Be Mindful!! – Warnings For Voters Ahead Of October 10 Elections

This writer is again calling on Liberian voters ahead of the October 10, 2023 general and presidential elections to be on the alert for these empty promises that being preached by politicians, especially those opting to be voted for during these elections.

Another six years are being contested for to lead Africa’s oldest independence state by over twenty presidential candidates and their running mates, and dozens of senatorial and representatives are preaching messages aimed at convincing their would-be eligible voters and supporters to vote them in power.

They are coming again with their big, big and empty promises during these campaign periods; doing all to impress their voters that they are the best and right individuals to be voted for in these elections, mocking their opponents at the highest level under the canopy that they are the ones that were chosen by God to lead the Liberian people.

Dedication of projects and the distribution of Gifts and cash to voters have become the order of the day, putting their would-be voters under the impression that they are the best and must be voted for, but mind you some of these positions’ seekers   when elected to their preferred choice, the regular interaction with those who elected them will disappear; their homes and offices will not be available to those who voted them in power.

Voters must be mindful who they will vote during these elections on October 10, 2023; they must keep into consideration the nationalistic value of those to be voted for, their quest to see Liberia moving forward amongst the comity of nations being the oldest country in Africa, its transformation as a nation has lost.

The country’s bad leadership over the years has plunged this once ‘Sweet Land Of Libert’ into ‘Bitter Land of Liberty’ due to bad governance, those who are opting for power must be true nationalists who will have this country at heart, and not to be move by greed and power, and lastly not to use the country’s natural resource as their personal property.

To conclude, this writer is calling on Liberians to be mindful in who to choose as the country’s next leaders for a period of another six years.

They’re  Are Coming Again With Big, Big Promises

Joel Cholo Brooks Writes

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