“There’s Need for War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia Now” – Liberians Voiced Out

GNN’s weekly survey has discovered how hundreds of Liberians who voted on its platform  urging the nation’s popular soccer hero and youthful President, George Manneh Weah to speedily allow the establishment of  war and economic crimes court for Liberia.

But what appeared to be a riddle swinging on the lips of more Liberians, especially those who feel the establishment of such court in order to bring to justice those who inflicted wounds and murdered innocent people in cold blood during the country’s fifteen years brutal civil war which will also serve as a deterrent for others.

Up to present, President Weah is yet to allow the establishment of the court in Liberia, despite of call from even those who also committed hideous crimes during the civil war, others who want to see the nation improve economically, and its resources are used wisely are also calling on the Liberian leader to allow for the establishment of economic crime if Liberia is to forge ahead successfully.

In other to press forward for their quest (Establishment of the courts in Liberia) GNN survey noticed that some of the respondents who answered one of its its weekly question on its platform entitled: “With Current Political Situation In Liberia, Do You Support Early Establishment Of War And Economic Crimes Court In Liberia?” , agreed that the establishment of these courts in Liberia must be one of the priorities of the President, as 100% of the respondents answered YES for these courts to be established.

Joel Cholo Brooks writes


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