The Whereabouts Of NEC Local Staff In Grand Gedeh County Still Unknown, As Citizens Threatened 2023 Elections

The reported missing Alfred Dunner

Alfred Dunner, a local staff of the National Elections Commission (NEC) in Grand Gedeh County who mysteriously got missing few months ago is yet to be found, a situation that has reportedly angered many citizens in the county, threatening to pour out their frustration against the Liberian Government during the 2023 general and presidential elections.

Series of protest have been taken place in the county’s administrative capital city in demand of the whereabouts of their citizen; in May of this year, serious protest led by several women of Konobo District where the missing NEC employee hailed  set-up roadblocks in Zwedru angrily  demanding the whereabouts of Alfred Dunner.

During one of the protests in demand of the missing of Alfred  all entrances in and out of Zwedru City were reportedly blocked preventing travelers from leaving and entering the city, while commercial activities including shops and stores were reportedly closed for fear of any eventuality.

Meanwhile, Grand Gedeh County Superintendent Kaie Farley called for calm among the citizens, and encouraged them to join the government in search for the missing NEC officer.

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