The Swedish Ambassador, Senator Conmany B. Wesseh visits in Teajaliken Potupo, River Gee County

From E. Varney Kamah | GNN Correspondent in Maryland County |

Photos Credit: Augustine Young AY News CEO in Maryland County

The Superintendent of River Gee County Philip Q. Nyenuh thanked the Sweden Government for the bilateral relationship with Liberia and welcomed the Ambassador including the UNFPA Representative and other partners to the County.

” I just want to thank you Ambassador for all that you have done for our country, I like to tell you, to see officials of Government in Liberia, Superintendent is the biggest man of a county, before they could just order the flogging of anyone, but we have learned about the rule of law and it has helped us, by the intervention of your country through the FBA program”.

On his part, the UNFPA Representative Dr. Bannet informed the gathering about their many programs offered in Liberia and appreciated the Sweden Government for providing the funds.

” I work for the United Nation, this is a group of nations, and Liberia is one of them. So my job here is to represent the United Nation, now in the United Nation, apart from Liberia, we have friendly countries, and the biggest friend of Liberia amongst the many Countries in the world is Sweden, at least that is my experience since I arrived here almost three years ago”.

Commenting on the different programs offered by the Swedish Government, UNFPA Representative said the Swedish Government is not only working on road but there are series of activities.

” Swedish is not only involved into the building of roads, they are supporting education, health, roads, they are doing a censor, do you know what a censor is? I will tell you to, etc. A censor is a program where people come and look at the resources in the country, the resources include the human resource, the tree the river etc. Once they know the resources you have, they will tell the government this is what you have, use it to plan and develop the people.

The Swedish Ambassador emphasized on the importance of the Foreign Policy and strategies to prevent teenage pregnancy.

” Foreign Policy is about relationship between your Country and another Country, so my Country and Liberia”.

She recognized the need to empower women and give them protection for the voices to be heard.

“The whole idea is that women need protection and their voices must be heard. All citizens are important, but historically, men find a space. I have spent four years talking with women, to hear their voices and they have many views”

Meanwhile, Senator Conmany B. Wesseh informed the Ambassador about the true meaning of her names given by the women of the town and explained the traditional meaning of the gifts (goat, rice, and chicken) received, Wednesday.

” The meaning of your names are ” Wisdom & Blessing, the white rooster, kola, and rice, are all sign of peace and love.

Senator Wesseh thanked the Swedish Government through its Ambassador to Liberia for the level of support to Liberia prior to the war and now. Adding that the Swedish Government has a bilateral relationship with Liberia.

River County Senator Conmany B. Wesseh who is a son of Teajaliken, Potupo was seen smiling with the residents, Wednesday.

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