The Need To Query Almaz Jalloh’s Sexual Allegation Against C. Nelson Oniyama – An In debt Analysts

By Joeh Cooper |

Almaz Jalloh

What a laughable tale, a recent media report which was featured on various social media network coming from one Almaz Jalloh who has over the past days been trading sexual allegation against Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama aimed at bringing the accused to public ridicule has created a serious concern for this writer to gather some facts as to what actually went wrong.

Indicting her victim, Madan Almaz Jalloh launched a smear campaign in the  media without remorse, and fear of God alleged that she was being raped by Dr. Oniyama, alleging that as a result of her purported rape allegation led her to an unwanted pregnancy.

What interest this writer to question the sincerity of Almaz Jalloh is, following some indebt investigation and inquiry from some informed sources, it was uncovered that after a protracted period of time Almaz Jalloh’s victim (Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama) never had any sexual relationship with her after 2013, but instead she came to the public under the guise to demonize her victim about this pregnancy which she claimed,

Almaz Jalloh’s second allegation created doubt and suspicious in the minds of her victim for being the father of Almaz Jalloh’s daughter (Ann Marie Kamara), this suspicious gave rise for both Almaz Jalloh and her victim (Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama) agreed submit to a paternity test.

According to our source, two specimen were obtained from Dr. Oniyama, Almaz Jalloh and Ann Marie Kamara for testing, this specimen, reportedly entrusted in the care of Almaz Jalloh who subsequently submitted a result indicating that Dr. Oniyama (Almaz Jalloh’s victim) was the father of Ann Marie Kamara.

According to our source, Dr. Oniyama (The victim) not being satisfied with the result of the paternity test suspecting  a foul play, while at the same agreeing that both do another test in Lagos, Nigeria where another test was performed and the result from that test indicated that Dr. Oniyama was not the biological father of Ann Marie Kamara as being claimed by Madam Jalloh

Despite all these results including that from Dr. Martha N. Zarway, CEO and Medical Doctor of Kingdom Care Medical Foundation and forwarded to DNA Diagnostic Center in the United States of America it was observed that again Ann Marie Kamara and Frederick Kamara are not his biological children.

Our source said due to the continues tenacity refusal to see reasons on the part of Almaz Jalloh’s unrealistic quest despite of previous paternity tests performed by reputable medical institutions including a US based DNA Diagnostic Center she is still roaming the corridor under the pretext  of seeking justice shamelessly.

Writing her allegation to the Ukraine Foreign Ministry, embassies, and foreign media further proves that the sole purpose of Almaz is to ruin Mr. Oniyama’s good image, not known that allegations are not verdicts.

Interestingly, Madam Jalloh did not mention Fredrick Kamara as being the second child of the accused in her complaint to a local child rights group, the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection accusing Dr. Oniyama of rape which she alleged gave rise to the birth of her first child.

The million dollar question being asked by many who believed that Madam Jalloh is playing a game, is under what condition that compelled her to go back to Dr. Oniyama for the alleged second child? This question mystified many who are first sight took a look at the allegation as it was being featured on the social media network and other local dailies. “Under what condition did she (Almaz Jalloh) go back to Dr. Oniyama for the second child,” a concerned rights advocate who spoke to this writer asked.

“Almaz Jalloh has engaged in a smear campaign to tarnish, impugn, impinge, malign, damage and injure the good character, reputation and image of Liberia’s most respected business executive,” Amos Johnson a rights advocate who spoke to this writer decried of Madam Jalloh’s attitude.

With all of these false allegations, our source also disclosed that the allegation by Madam Jalloh was drugged which made her to go into what she considered as ‘uncontrollable sleep’ while she was being raped by the accused. This insinuation by Madam Jalloh has also been condemned by several individuals including women’s group questioning her sincerity during a chat with this writer.

Another issue that touched the eagerness of this writer is in a communication to the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Madam Williametta Piso Saydee-Tarr indicated that she did not know that she was raped, until after few weeks when she started experiencing what she called, “Sign and symptom of Pregnancy”, claiming that she visited a medical center which she declined to named, and was informed by a medical doctor which she also declined to name that she was pregnant. All of these allegations by Madam Jalloh were believed to be a complete ‘Makeup’, one of our sources who spoke to this writer in a rather disillusioned state of mind pondered.

The analyst of this writer has realized that there is a need to query Almaz Jalloh’s Sexual Allegation Against C. Nelson Oniyama.

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