The NDC on National Progressive Unity, National Coalition, and Elections 2023

Press Release 

Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan

Recently on November 27th 2021, members of the USA Chapter of the National Democratic Coalition (NDC) of Liberia held a Consultative Meeting in the State of Pennsylvania to evaluate the coalition’s work, its progress, resource mobilization, and the road leading to the general and presidential elections of 2023 in Liberia. Having carefully delved into several topical issues and the contemporary political dynamics in the country, the Meeting considered and proposed that the NDC participate in the general and presidential elections of 2023. The Consultative Meeting also noted the complexity of politics and electoral engagement in the current body politics of Liberia. Therefore, the Meeting decided that the NDC will remain open to associating with other political parties, alliances or coalitions in the creation and promotion of Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates through a consensual democratic process.

Accordingly, the Meeting urged the national leadership of the NDC to vigorously lead endeavors to unite the progressive community under one umbrella, build useful capacity on the democratic progressive front, and engage in resource mobilization efforts towards 2023 and after. The meeting emphasized the need for the social democratic and progressive communities to remain sensitive to the importance of sustaining the gains of democracy in Liberia, because it was progressives who fought so hard to bring multiparty democracy to Liberia. On the question of advancing national unity of purpose, the Meeting further urged the NDC national leadership to enter reasonable negotiations with other political institutions in the opposition for the purpose of advancing the best interest of the Liberian people for good governance and social economic progress, taking into consideration the contemporary electoral realities and dynamics.

For increased participation of citizens, the Meeting decided that the NDC will continue to encourage and mobilize more women and youth participation in the activities and work of the NDC, and to continue to champion the cause for social justice, political freedom, and the economic empowerment of the citizens. The Gathering also called for strengthening of ongoing cadre-training and national political education programs in accordance with evolving realities. In addition, the Consultative Meeting admonished the NDC leadership and members to be ready to courageously struggle under all circumstances and to decisively address evolving undemocratic situations as may be presented by the present and future government administrations.

Towards enhancing the work of the coalition, the Meeting elected a new cadre of leadership for the NDC-USA Chapter. Finally, the Consultative Meeting reinforced the planning process of the upcoming NDC National Congress in early 2022 that is spearheaded by the Congress Preparatory Committee (CPC). It further stressed that the NDC should continue making transnational efforts to build solidarity with other progressives and social democratic parties and progressive institutions.

Founded in 2011, the National Democratic Coalition (NDC) is Liberia’s social democratic political coalition comprising of the New Democratic Alternative for Liberia Movement (The NEW DEAL Movement), the Free Democratic Party (FDP), and other social democratic political groups, movements, and entities in Liberia.


Dougbeh Chris Nyan  

Vice Chair for International Affairs, NDC

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