Spreading Empowerment One Stitch At A Time: U.S. Students Make Dresses For Girls In Liberia

GREEN, Ohio — Students at Green High School put their skills to use to do something good for girls in need around the world.

The students learned to sew in class, so for extra credit, they decided to make dresses for an organization called “Dress a Girl Around the World” with the simple goal to have every girl in the world own at least one dress to give them confidence and let them know someone cares.

“It’s just a good feeling because something I made from scratch is going halfway across the world to help out a child in need who doesn’t have anything better,” said high schooler Sam McPeters.

The students made 19 dresses to send to girls in Liberia.

“It’s always nice to help people and I think that we’re very privileged over here in the United States and I think it’s nice to help others that don’t have everything that we have,” said Julia Mueller, along with her friend Abbey Yoho.

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