Several Liberian Gov’t Officials Queue For Sanctions At The Close Of  2022  – U.S.Multiple Sources

Final discussions are said to be nearing completion amongst some high profile members of the United States Congress as to the imposition of economic sanctions and travel restriction on several Liberian Government officials for their alleged role played in draining down the country’s wealth for their personal interest.

According to multiple sources who confided in GNN-Liberia confidentially in Washington D.C., the United States of America noted that despite some gains been made by the CDC-led Government of President Weah, some of his officials continue to rob the country by enriching themselves, while majority of the citizens continue to remain poorer each day.

According to one of the sources, these government officials who are said to be sanctioned at the end of 2022 are reportedly overly corrupt; stealing the wealth of the Liberian people, and are also linked to human rights abuses, noting that these vices have crippled the nation hugely.

The sources also disclosed that those to be sanctioned are said to come from the three branches including the Executive, Judiciary and the Legislature, according to the sources, five are from the Executive, two from the Legislature and three from the Judicially for their individual role played to deny the Liberian people their rights.

When GNN Liberia asked one of the sources to disclose the names of those reportedly queued to be sanctioned here in Liberia, he declined, but said members of the committee have resolved not to release any name of those set to be sanctioned until the appropriate time comes, adding, “Their names will be disclosed soon, but for now we will not name anyone”. Our source quoting one of the committee’s members said.

According to our sources, the committee has documented series of reports that have indicted those scheduled to be sanctioned, including acquiring and constructing luxury Houses at the expense of taxpayers, especially when it has been proven that they never had even a hut prior to their current position in government.

Today many of have robbed the Liberian people by acquiring millions, with some describing themselves as the riches amid growing poverty amongst Liberians, many of whom who cannot nowadays cannot afford a daily meal.

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