Henry Petro Costa and President George Weah

Scornful Henry Petro Costa Endorsement For Weah’s Takes Centerstage In Ruling CDC, As Samuel Tweah Catalogs His Scornfulness

Recent endorsement by talk show host, Henry Petro Costa for the second term bid of President George Manneh Weah seems to be digging out old wounds highlighting more criticisms from the public, including CDCians themselves, warning the ruling establishment to be careful with Costa, describing him as ‘Green snake in the green grass’.

Since his declared endorsement for the Liberian leader second term bid, who he vilified, during his live talk shows, the Henry Costa Show, using all sort abusive words on a sitting president has awakened the anger of many Liberians who are warning members and executives of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to be mindful with the man call Henry Petro Costa.

As a result of the anger of many peace-loving Liberians, the social media has been flooded with catalog of Henry Petro Costa previous video recordings where insults and denigrated utterances were aired defaming the reputation of national leaders including President Weah calling him all sorts of names.

“Henry Costa is the only human being in the world that insulted President Weah than anyone else”, one of the Face Bookers said this. On one of his podcasts, Henry Costa declared, “CDC will never get my support, the day I support George Weah I must die, I will never support George Weah…..” Costa declared.

As criticism on Costa’s Weah endorsement spread like wildfire on social media, an executive of the CDC and the Minister Finance and Planning, Development, Samuel D. Tweah addressing a program cataloged the disparaging podcasts of Costa against President Weah and the Liberian Government amid anger from the audience

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