QNET Promoting Direct Selling, Entrepreneurship And Economic Empowerment Across Africa And In Liberia

What is direct selling?

Direct selling originated in the United States and remains one of the main business activities of the American economy to this day. It is a global industry and it is one of the largely untapped solutions to the economic, health and lifestyle challenges facing Africa’s growing population today. Some people might even reject direct selling before they understand what it really means, due to some misconceptions about the industry. So let’s see what this industry really is.

They say the numbers don’t lie. Global direct selling revenue reached $ 180.5 billion in 2019 and more than 119.9 million people worldwide participated in international direct sales in 2019, and 5.5 million people in Africa.

Direct selling is incredibly easy. It sells products directly to the consumer without the usual long chains of middlemen or retailers. Most products sold through direct sales are usually not found in regular retail stores. This means that you can only buy through the distributor or company representative. You can do this through internet marketing, in-person selling, direct mail, catalogs, telemarketing, and other means.

The challenges facing the majority of West African populations

Today in West Africa, job creation is a major challenge for many governments. There is also youth unemployment. It is therefore not surprising that many West African countries have large populations of unemployed and unemployed youth, with little redemption in sight. A common frustration is that people don’t have enough money, and changing times don’t really bring positive results. This is easy to understand, as people express their harsh economic realities and it calls for an urgent need for economic empowerment of people, especially young people.

It is therefore not surprising that more and more people, mainly young people, are looking to strengthen their competitive advantages by acquiring more skills in the areas of entrepreneurship, business management and related fields. Unfortunately, the general level of quality education and training opportunities in the region to meet this need is often inadequate and inaccessible.

Another dominant trend is the emergence of a health and beauty consciousness, especially in recent times. The rapid proliferation of service providers such as gyms, health centers, exercise and fitness centers, dietitians, etc. testifies to it.  People take their lifestyle more seriously. And that only means that there is a growing market for health and lifestyle related products and services.

Direct Selling Provides Solutions

So how does direct selling help solve some of these problems, not just in West Africa, but around the world? As previously stated, the direct selling industry originated in the United States, and for over a century it has remained one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, generating billions of dollars each year and providing employment opportunities to millions of people. Direct selling is now practiced in many parts of the world, including Africa. And QNET, one of the world’s leading direct-selling companies and partner of Manchester City Football Club and the African Football Confederation (CAF), helps tackle the challenges of education, job creation, economic empowerment and improved lifestyle in over 100 countries around the world, including West Africa.

Promote and support entrepreneurship, personal development and economic growth opportunities

Through direct selling, QNET fosters the growth of individuals and small businesses and provides more financial empowerment opportunities for individuals, professionals, small business owners and workers. In a recent interaction with a group of young people, a Malian university graduate named Ali Allu said: “In the past and in parts of Africa, education was the key to success. This meant that when you got a good education, you would have almost everything: a good job, a good salary, and a better livelihood. Nowadays, while education is always a good thing, it is no longer a guarantee of success. Therefore, you have to look around and be more versatile. You have to look for opportunities and explore them. Direct selling is one of those opportunities that young people should consider taking advantage of. ”

Direct selling is a credible industry, and regulators, such as the US-based World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, go to great lengths to adopt best practices and ensure the industry operates to the best standards. QNET is a member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, as well as the Hong Kong Health Food Association and the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore, among others.

Therefore, it is extremely important to develop entrepreneurship and improve the knowledge of practitioners in the sector. For example, QNET offers a training module for its independent representatives. They are trained in entrepreneurship, marketing and sales, customer service and business development. Some of the lessons they learn are equivalent to those taught in leading business schools around the world.

The QNET advantage

QNET has capitalized on Africa’s growing quest for education, health, wellness and beauty. With its range of personalized products, the company meets the challenges of a better lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle and well-being. The company has also adapted its products to intercultural norms and situations and is even willing to develop more products locally across Africa. The QNET Direct Selling Module is designed to address basic needs for financial security, healthy lifestyles, and general livelihood improvement.

Africa currently has the largest youth population in the world and the constant search for jobs and employment opportunities, economic empowerment and a healthy lifestyle will always exist. In the coming decades, with an estimated that 200 million young people being added to Africa’s workforce, an urban population of about 770 million, and 70% internet connected mobile subscriptions, the implications for digital commerce is clear as a large number of people will be able to search and transact directly online through the convenience of smartphone. Governments will always strive to find ways to provide solutions to the growing young population, so that it does not turn into a threat to society, because, as we say in Africa; “the devil finds work for the inactive hand”. Direct selling, as it has existed for more than a century, will remain one of the major solutions to the African challenge of economic empowerment. QNET, one of the world’s leading direct selling companies, will be here, helping and empowering Africans while providing them with opportunities. It would change their lives for the better.

This is what QNET offers the African and Liberian market.

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