Protesters, Politician Attacked in Hong Kong Demonstrations

By VOA News |

Police in riot gear ask a woman to take off her mask outside a train station in Hong Kong, Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019. Riot police…

A pro-democracy politician and four other people were injured when a knife-wielding man attacked protesters in Hong Kong Sunday.

The assailant slashed and stabbed people at Cityplaza mall, one of several shopping centers where protesters had gathered to demand government reforms for the 22nd straight weekend.

Local media reported the attacker told his victims that Hong Kong belongs to China.

Four men and one woman were taken to hospitals, where two were in critical condition.

Among the injured was politician Andrew Chiu Ka-yin, who had part of his ear bitten off as he tried to prevent the attacker from leaving the scene.

A pro-democracy activist tweeted that his “close colleague Dr Andrew Chiu was assaulted” and his “left ear was brutally halved.”

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