President Weah Leads Liberian Delegation to Dubai Climate Conference

President George Weah, accompanied by First Lady Clar Marie Weah and a delegation of government officials, embarked on a journey from Liberia to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Their purpose is to attend the Climate Conference, a momentous event that unites leaders, executives, and representatives from across the globe. On Saturday, President Weah will take center stage to deliver a powerful address on the pressing issue of climate change and the imperative need to transition to clean energy.

Joining President Weah’s delegation are Defense Minister Daniel K. Ziakahn, Economic Advisor Emmanuel Shaw, and Pepci Quiwu Yeke, the Executive Director of the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE). Together, they will engage in discussions covering a range of topics, including corporate advancements towards climate goals, financing strategies for clean energy transition, conservation of biodiversity, phasing out coal-fired power, sustainable investments, carbon markets, and the essential theme of resilience as an investment priority.

This gathering serves as a platform to underscore the significance of collective action in combating climate change and to highlight the crucial role of finance in achieving a future with reduced carbon emissions. The conference organizers hope that the outcomes will offer valuable guidance to investors and capital markets, enabling them to support climate commitments with tangible actions.

President Weah, who passionately emphasized the necessity for global collaboration and action at last year’s conference, is expected to reinforce these key points with compelling statistical evidence. His objective is to underscore the urgency of addressing climate challenges on a global scale and to inspire immediate action from the international community.

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