Police Arrest Several Notorious Armed Robbers Including German National Killer

The alleged killer of the German National now under police custody

The Liberia National (LNP) have arrested several suspected criminals, many of the arrested criminals including armed robbers who terrorize residents at night including one James Kollie who killed a German national last year, 2021 in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Addressing journalists during the week, the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Col Patrick Sudue recounting the vigorous efforts his men have been making over the months that led to the arrest of dozens of suspected armed robbers and other criminals including the man who allegedly shot and killed a German National and his alleged lover in Grand Bassa County.

According to Inspector Sudue, the suspected German national killer fled the country to Guinea after the commission of the act where he reportedly  stayed  for a year and came back to Liberia apparently after running out of cash, and was picked up by the police after getting information of his presence in Liberia.

Displaying several dangerous weapons used by the armed robbers to terrorize innocent people to journalists, the LNP Inspector General bragged that his men will not leave no stone untouched to track down any criminal who aimed is to terrorize innocent people in Liberia.

Mr. Juergen Schedema , German National who is believed to be the Log Yard Manager of the International Constant Company (ICC) was shot and killed in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County last year (2020)  by some armed men in the county.

Mr. Juergen Schedema, the late German National

Mrs. Linda Cumb Schedema, wife of the deceased told the police that she and her husband were together prior to his death.  “My husband later left me at our little shop near the company’s yard where we live and went to bed because he had some work to do and I was still making business “.

Mrs. Schedema further said that by 12am when she closed the shop and decided to go to her husband along with some of the workers, she heard noise that arm robbers were in the yard and every one were finding place to hide.

The victim’s wife asserted that there were many other foreigners in the yard but only her husband was discovered dead behind the compound.

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