Palm spring workers want drugs dealer arrested

Several workers of Palm Spring Resort are calling on the Liberia National Police to arrest one Maurice Daragji, for his involvement in drug selling and exposing a child to drugs.

The workers speaking to a team of journalists on Thursday   said they want the Drugs Enforcement Agency-DEA and the women and children protection agency to move on him fast and arrest him.

“This man used to be the driver for our boss. The man took good care of him.  But where they could not make it is the drugs business. He used to sell   drugs and sometime, his eight years old daughter will be sitting looking at him taking the drugs. This is bad,” One Oretha Denis said.

Another worker said, such a thing is not good at all. We want the police, especially the women and Children protection section to move and look at this case fast,” Teresa Doe said.

It can be recalled that Mr. Dagari admitted on one local radio station that he has an eight years old girl child whom he takes care of . “I have my daughter who is eight years old and I want to take her to London. But things are not easy on me,” he said on radio Thursday.

Palm spring manager when contacted by email if he knew Dagari, he confirmed it. He said, “yes I know him… he has a daughter. I was told by the workers here that he sells drugs all over Randall Street to many people and other places.”

When this paper contacted an official from the DEA for action, he said, “we need to know more about him before we can move.”

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