Update: 29 Persons Lost Their Lives At Prophet Abraham Kromah Crusade

According to the latest report, twenty-nine  persons who were attending a crusade in New Kru Town, Buchrod Island organized by Prophet Abraham Kromah of the More Grace International on Thursday morning, January 19, 2022 lost their lives through a stampede when criminals known here as ‘Zokos’ stormed the grounds of the crusade to robe individuals of their phones and other valuables.

The incident which took place on the campus of the D.Tweh High School sports pitch saw many of their victims, mainly women and children were seen lying on the floor dead, while others who early noticed the incident ran back to nerby houses for fear of their lives.

According to eyewitnesses, prior to the incident when it was announced that the crusade was about to climax between 4am to 5am, many of those who were at the crusade and came from far distances decided to leave were reportedly attacked by criminals commonly call ‘Zokos’, while others for fear of their lives fled.

Dozens of relatives and friends of the victims are said to be in tears for the loss, while information gathered by the GNN confirmed that some arrests have been made of those who reportedly masterminded the incident that led to this unfortunate situation.

Meanwhile, the official dedication by the Liberian leader, President George M. Weah of the new market constructed by the government today, January 20, 2022 has reportedly been rescheduled.

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