Confused residents of Buduburam camp gathered with mixed reactions

On Buduburam Camp, Liberian Mother And Son Found Dead In Locked Room

Confused residents of Buduburam camp gathered with mixed reactions

A heartbreaking incident has occurred at Gomoa Buduburam in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region, as the lifeless bodies of a woman in her late 30s and her 13-year-old son were discovered.

According to Adom Online quoting local residents, the victims were believed to be Liberians, with the woman working as a hairdresser.

The shocking discovery came to light when Mary Amoah, a co-tenant residing in the same building, noticed an unusual number of houseflies gathering around their doors.

Concerned by this peculiar occurrence, she alerted others, leading to the heartbreaking realisation that the mother and her young son had tragically lost their lives.

The exact circumstances surrounding their deaths remain unknown but preliminary investigations revealed that they may have been killed by unknown assailants.

The situation, according to Adom News’ Kofi Adjei, has left the community in a state of shock and grief.

Authorities are actively investigating the incident in order to determine the cause of this devastating loss.

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