On Audio Leak, Removal Of ‘Dakpanah’ Title, Traditional Council, Chief Zanzan Denies Report – FPA

Chief Zanzan Karwo, head of the National Traditional Council of Liberia {Photo credit: FPA}

Chief Zanzan Karwo, head of the National Traditional Council of Liberia, has denied being present at President George Weah’s Jamaica Lodge where it is alleged that he was blasted by the President for allowing the Dakpanah of Bong County to bestow the county’s highest traditional honor on Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor instead of him.

“Since I was born, I became Chief Zanzan… I lived in Monrovia, that Jamaica [Lodge] that they are talking about every day, I’ve not entered there before. Since they built that place, I’ve not gone there, I don’t know whether there’s house there or not. I’ve not sat with the President or even [Nathaniel] McGill or [Jefferson] Koijee,” he said in an interview with reporters.

In an audio leaked to FrontPageAfrica, the Superintendent of Bong County (now suspended) is heard saying that she was confronted by Minister of State Nathaniel McGill and the Minister of Finance, Samuel Tweah, at Jamaica Lodge during the party after President Weah delivered his second Annual Message, over the traditional recognition given to the Vice President in the county.

In the recording, she is heard saying that Pres. Weah initially accused the Chief Zanzan of bestowing the honor on the Vice President.

According to her, Chief Karwor had told President Weah that he was unaware of the ceremony which was organized by the Dakpanah.

She further narrated that Chief Karwor reminded the President it was his decision that Chief Moses Suakollie be coronated as Dakpanah. At that point, according to her explanation, Pres. Weah gave the order for Chief Suakollie to be dethroned as Dakpanah.

“Samuel Tweah turned to me and said ‘If I hear that you carried news to Gbarnga that we’re coming to dismiss people you’ll see that we’ll do… They started giving Zanzan instructions. The President [was] sitting down looking. When Zanzan turned to the President, he said listen to those people. The people giving you instruction, listen to them.”

However, in his reaction, Chief Zanzan said he has never met with President Weah over the issue neither has he had any conversation with Minister McGill of Koijee over the matter.

He said he was never instructed by the President to remove the Dakpanah in Bong County. He added that an individual cannot unilaterally removed a Dakpanah as it has to do with deep tradition.

Chief Zanzan also denied being knowledgeable of the decision to bestow any traditional honor on the Vice President. According to him, he was never present at the ceremony, neither did any attend any meeting leading to the ceremony. He also said, he cannot confirm whether the Dakpanah title was conferred on the Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor.

“Dakpanah issue is a bush matter. They can’t take Dakpanah position and give it to a woman. Woman can’t maintain Dakpanah position,” he asserted.

Source: FPA

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