Nat’l Consortium Of Teachers And University Lecturers Issue Press Statement On The Endorsement Of  President Weah’s Re-Election Bid

The National Consortium of Teachers and University Lecturers in Liberia is a membership organization of distinguished professional educators in grade schools, colleges, and universities of Liberia. In 2017, the National Consortium of Teachers and University Lecturers was established to unite professionals in the field of education… have a common voice that would contribute to the political, and socio-economic development agenda, as well as to improve the educational quality provision through teaching and learning. The Consortium became wider and more visible in 2023, due to its outreach of an extended network with membership in registered grade schools and accredited tertiary institutions within the fifteen counties of Liberia.

Despite the hurdle of the unforeseen global epidemic (COVID-19) that ravaged many nations of the world, with Liberia being no exception, the National Consortium of Teachers and University Lecturers is pleased to acknowledge the level of support and contributions made by His Excellency, President, Dr. George Manneh. Weah, to the educational sector, and his assurances to impact the sector. Notably, the Consortium appreciates President Weah’s accomplishments during his term of leadership, since 2018:

President Weah sustained the provision of free tuition offered to public universities and colleges since October 2018 benefiting over 30, 000 students annually;

President Weah’s government initiated, maintained, and sustained  WASSCE FEES payment for all 12 graders;

President Weah’s government employed 3,500 supplementary teachers on the civil servants’ payroll;

More so, President Weah’s government trained and employed 1,300 guidance counselors on the civil servants’ payroll for schools across Liberia;

President Weah’s government actualized the digitalization of the state’s premier university, the University of Liberia registration process, which had often commenced and proceeded in conflicts amongst students during registrations, preceding his presidency in 2018. Now, the UL Students’ registration processes are stress-free.

President Weah’s government has increased access to tertiary education institutions across Liberia: In 2017, there were 38 accredited tertiary institutions, both junior colleges and universities. In 2023, an additional 23 tertiary institutions have been added, making it 61, with quality assurance mechanisms for effecting quality educational provision. The various institutions comprise faith-based, private, and public colleges and universities.

Ensuring that the education system, which was once considered a mess by the Unity Party-led government without actualizing a tangible solution, President Weah’s government set standards of regulations to safeguard quality provision for all accredited tertiary institutions, which has restored public confidence in the system. The mechanisms set are:

A quality Assurance policy to accredit Post-Secondary Institutions in Liberia

A Policy on E-learning Standards in Liberia

A Physical Facilities Standards for Accrediting Tertiary Institutions

Furthermore, several junior colleges in strategic regions were elevated to university status, which enabled Liberian students and residents in these localities and regions to have easier access to bachelor’s degrees at various levels. In addition, some members of the faculties in these universities were sponsored abroad, as a means of faculty development to strengthen the institutions’ academic performances and students’ quality outputs. The elevated junior colleges to universities are as follows:

Nimba County Community College – is elevated to Nimba University

Grand Bassa County Community College – is elevated Grand Bassa University

Lofa County Community College – is elevated Lofa University

Remarkably, the Consortium profoundly commends His Excellency President Dr. George M. Weah, for allowing his government to provide access to Liberians to study for terminal degree education in Liberia, with the first Ph.D. program launched in 2023, at the Cuttington University College, since the country’s independence in 1847. Additionally, the University of Liberia will fully commence its Ph.D. programs in education and health sciences in early 2024. These are some of the many strides made in education under the regime of President Weah, the first president of the Republic of Liberia, who has made such exceptional educational accomplishments for Liberians.

Moreover, His Excellency, President Dr. George M. Weah has pledged to effect appropriate increments in wages that will impact every public sector worker with a view of ensuring improved working conditions,  which will commensurate with prevailing economic conditions. In addition, he announced an end of voluntary workers’ programs in the health and education sectors and promised to place them on the payroll in January 2024. Additionally, His Excellency assured the hiring of teachers to close the gap, as well as make subsidies of payment to public schools for registration and graduation fees for all students. Likewise, the WASSCE FEES payment remains perpetual until it is legislated, with a Tuition-Free Policy for Grades 1-6 in public schools, and a Nationwide Cadet Program for young graduates.

Considering these tangible factors mentioned herein, with the ongoing infrastructural developments across the country through major and feeder roads construction, modern and sophisticated hospitals built in Liberia, and more importantly, the sustained peace, we are optimistic of a better Liberia when President Weah is reelected to continue with his developmental agenda across Liberia for another six years. Especially, having been reassured that integrity institutions will fully exercise their constitutional authority; we are of the strongest conviction that President Weah will deliver his promises fully in the next six years. We believe that any change of leadership at this point will undermine completely the gains achieved and developmental agenda, as well as ravage the economy of Liberia.

We, therefore, the NATIONAL CONSORTIUM OF TEACHERS AND UNIVERSITY LECTUERS of Liberia, do hereby fully endorse the runoff reelection of His Excellency President Dr. George M. Weah, for the continuity of his worthy developmental agenda of Liberia, and the prevalence of PEACE, TRANQUILITY, and PROGRESS.  Most respectfully, we hereby call upon all teachers, lecturers, students, school administrators, and progressive-minded citizens throughout Liberia to stand up, stand out, and stand with us to vote for President Weah’s reelection for a second term on November 14, 2023.



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