National Bureau of Concessions Visits ArcelorMittal

Hon. Gregory Coleman

A statement from the National Bureau of Concessions (NBC) says, the bureau’s newly confirmed Director General, Hon. Gregory Coleman is leading an eight men NBC Monitoring Team and is visiting the Arcelor Mittal Concession Company.

According to an official of the bureau, the visit is aimed atassessing the current status of the company’s operation to assume measureable impact as outlined in its Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) with the government of Liberia.

Mr. T. Nicholas Faryombo, Jr, the Sr. Communication Coordinator of NBC said the visit is coveringa period from the 23rdto the 27th 0f April 2018.

Speaking further Mr. Faryombo asserted that as the new head of the concessions bureau, the visit will also introduce Hon. Gregory Coleman to the Management and Staff of the company thus opening a new page in the two entities’ collaboration.

During the five days stay at the company Mr. Faryombo said, the team will visit the Buchanan Port that is used by the company to ship the ore from Liberia. Besides, he continues, the team will meet with the management in understanding the issues and challenges confronting the operations of the company.

The meeting with the management among other things will as well afford the NBC to explain the newly approvedConcessions Reporting Template (CRT) intended to make reportingeasier and faster by concessionaires, according to the Sr. Coordinator.

“From Buchanan, the team will visit the two mountains (Tokadeh and Gangra) being operated by the company in Yekapa, Nimba”, Mr. Faryombo said. At the mine sites he averred,the team will assess the safety measures of workers of the company and the environmental impact of its operations.

As part of its plan for the visit, the team will meet with Stakeholders of the Concession’s affected communities and understand their appreciation of the company’s operation in their community. He pointed out.

Information generated from this exercise will be processed and is alsoexpected to be used by the Presidential Concessions Review Committee to give some references in dealing with specific issues during the Committee’s Work. Mr. Faryombo concluded.

Meanwhile, the NBC has vowed to continue with the visitation to other concession companies as part of its 150 days deliverable plans in support of the government’s short term agenda.

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