NASAPAL Holds Two Days Awareness Soccer Tournament In Honor Of American Celebrated Motorcyclist Icon

L/R: Motorcyclist Safety Awareness Advocate, Philip E.P. Woods, II.
And Charles Umbenhauer, American Celebrated Motorcyclist Icon

The National Safety Partnership of Liberia, NASAPAL Incorporated in collaboration with a U.S. based Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education (aka) ABATE of Liberia held a two soccer tournament in the Monrovia with several teams participating aimed creating awareness on how to prevent road accidents by motorcyclists and their riders.

The players for the tournament were motorcyclists from Monrovia and its environs, with the sponsorship from a Liberian based in the Unites States, Mr. Philip Woods who is very passionate in the protection of lives and properties, especially those in the sector of motorcycle community around the country.

With the support of American veteran motorcyclists Safety Education and Legislative Advocate, Charles Umbenhauer of ABATE of Pa for his over forty (40) years of services to motorcyclists has been honored, Charlie as he’s affectionally called, has publicly declared his blessing for the establishment of the first ABATE outside of the United States of America.

Since 2014, NASAPAL Inc has been planting ABATE OF LIBERIA in all parts of Liberia with the aim of using the working protocol that has united millions of American Bikers to dialogue their Congress for legislations for their freedom to ride and encourage government to sponsored education for all.

The tournament was in honor of Charles Umbenhauer aimed at  calling on the  attention for dissemination of the Liberian Government Ordinances and universal Road Safety curriculum to support the United Nations Declared DECADE OF ACTION FOR ROAD SAFETY 2021-2030 mission, through Civic Education, Legislative Advocacy and Recreation, as a means of creating serious awareness in helping to drastically reduce road deaths by 50% at the end of the second decade of action, 2030.

NASAPAL Incorporated was founded 2013, from Woods General Services, WoGeS effort, which was founded May 2008 to intervene by establishing a nationwide motorcycle safety training program. WoGeS assessed the sector in ten (10) Counties and the result showed over 85% of road users in Liberia of been ignorance of Government ordinances, Government been at fault, thus making them vulnerable, feeling marginalized, increasing their lack of respect for law and order, fueling violence, destructing lives, personal and public properties.

The group in a statement read before the start of the tournament said ‘We are now promoting safety through sports. WoGeS agreed in 2011 to the signing of the UN commitment for the declaration of the UN declared DECADE OF ACTION FOR ROAD SAFETY 2011-2020, now moving to 2030’, the statement noted.

Profile of Charles Umbenhauer, American Celebrated Motorcyclist Icon

Charles Umbenhauer served in Pennsylvania as state legislative coordinator and then lobbyist for the highly successful state motorcyclists’ rights group ABATE (Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education) for more than 30 years.

A well-respected lobbyist who began his fight for motorcyclists’ rights in 1980, Umbenhauer spearheaded many victories for motorcyclists in Pennsylvania, including safeguarding funding for rider education, ensuring voluntary adult helmet use, reducing tolls for motorcycles and securing motorcycle parking at stateowned facilities.

He also was involved in getting Pennsylvania laws passed that increased penalties for careless driving offenses when others are killed or seriously injured; allowed blue dot illumination, standard bulb running lights and light emitting diode (LED) pods and strips to be added to motorcycles; and allowed for vanity, veteran and collectible plates for motorcycles in addition to a handicapped sticker.

Umbenhauer founded BikePAC, a political action committee for motorcyclists that became a model for other state motorcyclists’ rights organizations’ PACs.Plus, he successfully defeated a proposed law that would have placed an age limit on motorcycle passengers.

Umbenhauer also was instrumental in organizing the annual Motorcyclists Rights Rally held every May at the Pennsylvania state capitol.

Umbenhauer’s awards include the 2015 AMA Dud Perkins Lifetime Achievement Award for his decades of advocacy on behalf of motorcyclists; the first AMA Motorcycling Advocate Award in 2004; induction into the Freedom Fighters Hall of Fame at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum; recognition in 2002 by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for his extraordinary effort to improve funding for the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program; and the 1998 Ron Roloff Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists.

Umbenhauer has influenced hundreds, if not thousands, of motorcyclists to get involved in the political system, understand how government functions and take the time to talk with elected officials about issues that concern them.

NOTE: This is the profile of this well celebrated Motorcyclist Icon that motivated Mr. Philip Woods of Liberia to travel to the United States of America in 2010, to meet this great man and his lovely wife, Carol Umbenhauer, aka Pop Corn by motorcyclist worldwide, this couple are now the Godparent of Liberia Motorcyclist Safety awareness Advocate, Philip E.P. Woods, II.

The love receives from the general membership of ABATE nationwide and all other Motorcycle Rights organization in the USA has motivated Mr. Woods to adopt most of the great cultures of Motorcyclists to transfer to Liberia.

In appreciation of Charlie, a Soccer Team of Motorcyclists are hereby launched to remember Charlie, while a learning center to Carol provide civic education and host playground for children.

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  1. Dan Faingnaert says

    Charles Umbenhauer is a hero and a beacon of what needs to be done to affect change in any government body for the benefit of all motorcyclists. His leadership in ABATE of PA goes beyond awards and recognitions as he and Popcorn are the cement that has kept that organization vital and productive for decades. He is deserving of your honor and the respect of every motorcyclist in Pennsylvania and beyond. I have had the privilege to serve as an officer with him for several decades and he was an inspiration to many of us.

  2. Philip E.P. Woods, II says

    So true, he and his wife life’s impressed me to traveled thousands of miles away from the United States, my heart is off to them and the entire American Motorcyclists community.

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