Movement For The Promotion Of Non-violence Election In Liberia Lauds President Weah


Press Statement

The pro-democracy and advocacy group, Movement for the Promotion of Non-Violence Elections in Liberia (MOPNEL) through its Executive Director, Bobby W. Dixon and board of directors, have commended the President of the Republic of Liberia, George Manneh Weah for demonstrating matured democratic tendency by honorably conceding defeat and congratulating President-elect Joseph Nyuma Boakai following the former Vice President’s victory in the November 14, 2023 Presidential Runoff elections.

MOPNEL, which has always advocated for a peaceful, free and transparent elections in Liberia over the years, says President Weah took the lead to defuse political tension that was been anticipated by Liberians in the aftermath of the November 14, 2023 Presidential Runoff when both parties had planned to stage pre-victory marches respectively. in the absence of the National Elections Commission (NEC’s) final declaration of the winner of the presidential elections.

MOPNEL says the fact that President George Weah could spearhead the call for a calm atmosphere having been defeated by former Vice President Boakai of the Unity Party, is highly commendable and bespeaks the peaceful nature of the outgoing Liberian leader. The Liberian leader has always been known as a man of peace by his fellow Liberians judging from his past as an international professional football icon who won lots of awards based on his disciplined and peaceful nature.

MOPNEL recalls when the President Weah was in the opposition during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, he, on many occasions diffused political tensions that would have erupted into violence and chaos when his supporters and partisans of his CDC party wanted to take onto the streets to vent their angers against the former ruling Unity Party government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The pro-democracy and advocacy group recounts the “Ellen Step Down Campaign” when the former opposition bloc headed by the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and liked-mind civil society groups had called on the former Liberian leader to step down for what they had termed then as tough economic times in Liberia.

MOPNEL says when the political atmosphere was ripe and on time bomb to explode, the then opposition leader George Weah called on his supporters, partisans and civil society organizations to abandon their quest for President Sirleaf to step down but rather urged them to be peaceful and give the government a chance to implement its agenda for which it was elected.

Also, during the infamous 2011 alleged shooting incident at CDC headquarters in Congo Town, when the country was about to explode, the then opposition leader, George Weah of the CDC called on his partisans, supporters and well-wishers to abandon their quest to plunge the country in a political turmoil. MOPNEL says this is a true character of a man of peace who has always wanted for his people to enjoy peace and tranquility despite their political differences.

According to MOPNEL, it came as no surprise when the CDC standard bearer was elected as President of Liberia in 2017 after 12 years of patiently waiting for his turn, and thereafter, he called on Liberians to always chart a course of peace for the sake of the Motherland, the Republic of Liberia.

Meanwhile, MOPNEL has hailed President-elect Joseph Nyuma Boakai for his peaceful campaign which has yielded dividends for his election as incoming President of Liberia. “Amb. Boakai, a man with many years of political and governmental experience has been a humble character throughout his life and it is no mistake that Liberians have decided to give him his flowers while still alive to steer the ship of state for the next six years.”

MOPNEL adds, “there is a time for everything and now is the time of Amb. Boakai, who waited patiently for 18 unbroken years to ascend to the highest office in the Republic of Liberia.”

MOPNEL therefore, urges every Liberian of peace to follow the good examples of President George Weah and President-elect Joseph Boakai for their respective peaceful natures, despite some detractors who wanted them to embark on political activities to plunge the country into chaos, but instead the two statesmen kept their respective focuses for the country above their personal egos and interests for the betterment and growth of the Motherland.

At the same time, MOPNEL has applauded every Liberian, Political parties, civil society organizations, and every man and woman of peace in Liberia and in the diaspora for demonstrating love for country above individual interests.

MOPNEL is pleased and happy that despite reports of rumors and rumors of war in Liberia ahead of the 2023 elections, Liberians from all walks of life, be it in the hamlets, towns, villages, political districts and counties of Liberia stood their respective grounds to choose the path to peace, development and growth of the Motherland.

To conclude, MOPNEL is gratified for the important role played by the international community, headed by the United States government, the European Union, African Union, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), all international pro-democratic and advocacy entities for their tireless and financial supports for the growth of Liberia’s democracy.

May God bless Liberia and save the State.

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