MOH Officials Says Providing Quality HealthCare through IPC Is Paramount

An official of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Garrison Kerrwillian, says the provision of quality healthcare through Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) is paramount for health practitioners globally.

He said quality healthcare services are important in maintaining safe environment for patient(s) in reducing risk of potential spreading of disease from one person to another which include educating individuals or patient(s) as well as their families.

Kerrwillian said with this the need to create awareness for both stakeholders and end users on quality healthcare services for individuals or patients and their families to understand the control and prevention measures cannot be overemphasized.

The Health Ministry’s official made these statements during the closing of Global Infection Prevention and Control conference which was held recently in Monrovia. It brought together mainly health practitioners and their international partners.

“It is important to wash our hands properly with soap every time before eating and after defecating so as to kill the disease-causing germs that sometimes make us sick. Hand washing is the act of cleaning to remove soil, dirt, and/or germs from one hands,” Kerrwillian noted.

He also stressed the importance of waste management and as well admonished health workers to make sure that their facilities are always clean. “The re-used of sharp equipment is not permissible because it as the potential to spread infection among patients.”

Kerrwillian warned that not disposing properly of used instrument (gloves, needles, etc.) on patients but on waste land can sometimes lead to the spread of toxic metals in the environment.

He  further  that not  all countries have appropriate regulations or can enforced them to the letter. “With this, primarily, disposing of infectious waste must be done properly and carefully.”

He also pointed out that it is the responsibility of healthcare providers to enact principles of prevention which is patient safety as it is evidence-based in the handbook of nurses.

“Severe paresis or fear of urinating in public can sometimes affect one’s life in similar way to symptoms, similarities to agoraphobia and the cause of psychological at public urinal.  You may find that he/she is unable to urinate when flanked by other men,” Kerrwillian noted. 

He believed that another factor to motivate health practitioners is to maximize preventing patient and workers errors or mistakes, “like a person’s attitude whether or not the behavior is beneficial.”

“It is always advisable to wash all fruit and vegetables before eating them to ensure that they are clean to help remove bacteria from the outside,” Kerrwillian lamented.

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