Maryland Sen. Brown Launches LD$2.7M Micro Loan Scheme

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Sen Brown speaking at the luach of the laon

In an effort to empowering community women groups in Maryland, Maryland County Senator, J. Gbleh-Bo Brown, Wednesday, February 17, 2021, launches phase two of his micro loan scheme in the tune of (LD2,700,000) Two Million Six Hundred and fifty Thousand Liberian Dollars to various local business women groups.

Communities benefited from the gesture include: Old Kru Town, $LD300,000, Sedeleken-LD$100,000, Gbololu, LD$100,000, Gbewien, LD$100,000.

Other Women groups aided are: Feloken $LD200,000, Dedeabo $LD 200,000, Nyenoken $LD 150,000 while Manolu women benefited LD$ 100,000, Deklinken LD$100,000, Tugbaken LD$100,000, the Women of Gbeken smiled with LD$200,000, and the Women Gbon, took away LD$ 200,000 Gabwenken  as part of their own change respectively.

Speaking to cross section of local business women, at the launch of the microloan scheme in New Kru Town, Maryland County, senator, J. Gbleh-Bo Brown said the good-will is phase two of his micro loan scheme in fulfillment of his campaign promises made aimed at empowering struggling local business women across the county to overcome their torments.”

“I have not come to pay you back, but to appreciate and empower you for in my effort to buttress government’s better the lives of its citizens. I can’t oversize your support during my campaign period” and will always fight to better your lives, Senator Brown said.

“This is phase two of my micro loan scheme promised and this money should be used properly by you, get involve into business that will help and improve you and yourself family”. Said Senator Brown.

Still at the unveiling of the loan scheme program, Senator Brown said the launch of the US$2,700$.00 Million micro-finance loan scheme shows actual steps to place Maryland Market Women in a controlling position to reduce the economic challenges they faced daily.

He said one of his greatest desires has been to find ways by which Locals businesses in Maryland would benefit from grants to move them from low to high business levels; from traders to manufacturers.

The Maryland County Senator and former County Superintendent told the market women, that the launch of this scheme is just another milestone in helping them overcome poverty, and become masters of your own destinies.

Senator J. Gbleh-Bo Brown in his presentation reassured Maryland County local businesses women that his administration as senator will work with his colleagues and George Weah government to prioritize their interest and offer programs to help them become more competitive to their husbands.

“My desire is to strengthen and support you, so that ordinary business people will be able to move from sidewalks to stores,” Sen. Brown said.

He continued, “this is to help you move from the level of petty markets to at least manufacturing, and from being spectators to being active participants in the national economy; so that in the near future, you will be able to called boss lady.”

Senator Brown however admonished beneficiaries that the micro loan scheme is free and should be used among the women only.

Meanwhile, receiving her own share of the loan on behave of the Old Kru Town Market Women Association, Patricia Porte, Chairlady of Old Kru Town Women, lauded Senator Brown for ensuring that such money is provided to them. She mentioned the senator’s phase one empowerment program for New Kru Town Fishermen that witnessed the purchased canoe with a high speed Yamaha engine in the sum of USD 5,000.00.

Mrs. Porte said the launch of the micro loan scheme means a lot to all local business women across the county, and will serve as a focal point for rallying the growth of the economy.

“Women ooooo, women! Today, we are very happy and pleased to have received such a huge amount from our senator, this is the reason we have elected them to come back and help us”. said Mrs. Porte.

For her, Helena Sieh, Sedeken women speaker said the LD$ One hundred thousand will impact over 50 small business women across Sedeken town, stating: “ it is going to be used for it intended purpose to improve their lives”.

Also speaking on behave of the women and people of Gbawein, Rebeca Deibe, women speaker acknowledges senator Brown for this continue contribution to the people of Gbawein Town. “I can still remember, period to Christmas Celebration you send us 100 pieces of lapper for the women and one set of Jessy, including football for our children”. she said.

Rebeca however in her appreciation remarks emphasizes that the community is seriously challenge with access to good health. “Hon. Senator, thanks for the money; but want thing we are facing here is the issue of lack of clinic, we walk for almost 4 hours to get treatment, this is very bad and risky for our wellbeing.” Rebeca said.

For her, Cecelia J. Russel, speaker of Gbolulu Women, maintained that since she begins her small business ten years back, this is her first experienced to have a huge amount from an individual or entity to improve her business.

“I am over happy and joy, we as local business women herein Gbolulu, we go through a lot of challenges to get market, we ride on bikes from one village to another just to get goods and bring it in the market” Cecelia said. She further added “today with the help of amount, my business is definitely going to change and improve”. she stressed.

It can be recalled that during his campaign period, years back, Senator J. Gbleh-Bo Brown promised as a senator, to be fluent in developing policies and programs intended to empower struggling market women in Maryland to take ownership of the county’s economy, and sustain themselves and family, and instead of relaxing on their partners to carter for the family.

The program, which was held at the home of the chairlady in Old Kru Town, outside Harper, a populated community in harper, brought together government local officials, and Old Kru Town Market Women Association.

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