MANCO Gives US$25K To Support Disadvantaged Young People Popularly Called ‘Zokors’

The General Manager of Mano Manufacturing Company or MANCO, Mr. Fadel Assad has made a contribution of US$25,000(Twenty-five thousand United States dollars) towards helping the disadvantaged youth known as  “Zogos”.

At the official launch of the program held at the Ellen Johnson Multipurpose complex, Mr. Assad said, as head of MANCO, one of Liberia’s leading manufacturing companies which has contributed immensely towards the growth of the economy, said, he was making the contribution  as part of his company’s support towards the  rehabilitation of disadvantaged youth in the country.

MANCO  has  been in operation for over fifty years and has been producing household such as Antiseptic NTISEPTIC, cholorox, tie soap, and bath and washing soap among others.

The program which was attended by President George Weah is seen as a major boost  towards helping the disentangled youth in the  country.  There are several thousand disagreed youth in the country and many of them  are taking drugs as a habit to survive without  any skill.

But Mr. Assad said it was important for the government to seek the rehabilitation of  the  youth as they were the future leaders of Liberia.

Mr. Assad attended the American Cooperative School system in Liberia and   later went to the United States to study chemistry at an advanced level.  Besides his role as General Manager, he has been a coach for mighty barroll Basketball Team  for many years and said he sees himself as a Liberian and would do everything to help the country improves.

Besides Manco, other entities made contributions. But the Liberian government made an initial contribution of over one million United States dollars towards the program.  The program has a target of US$13.9M and is expected to be implemented for a period of ten years.

The contribution of Manco  has been appreciated by many Liberians, especially the disadvantaged youths-Zogos.

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