Mainstreaming Safeguarding Principles in Liberia’s Petroleum Sector Legislation

By Ambulai Jorkey Johnson | Globe Afrique Media |


The policy experts involved in the writing of Liberia’s Petroleum law (2002) perhaps overlooked important aspects of the petroleum sector, including “Critical Safeguard, Oil Spill, and Environmental Sustainability”. The omission of “safeguard in alignment with Safety, Health and Environment” as was proposed by the Petroleum Law makes said document inadequate. “Safeguard”, which is a cardinal initiative to mitigate risks to person, environment, and facility, cannot be overlooked in the development of essential laws regulating the petroleum industry.

This piece provides an additional intuitive response to address Safeguard, Oil Spill, and Environmental Sustainability which are not covered by the Liberia Petroleum Law of 2002.

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