LRA Boss Mandates Employees To Comply With Tax Requirements

The Commissioner General of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Thomas Doe Nah has ordered all officials and staff of the Authority to comply with their property tax requirements on or before November 30, 2018.

The Commissioner General urged employees who are owners of real property (ies) to declare said properties with the LRA and pay the required taxes.

Section 25 (4) of the Liberia Revenue Authority Act of 2013 provides that: “Board Members, Officials and Staff of the Authority are required to be tax compliant at all times.”

The Commissioner General, in a September 21 memo, called on all employees who are renting or leasing properties from third parties to withhold the applicable rent income tax and remit same to the LRA, while those renting or leasing properties are required deduct the required rent income tax from rentals received from their tenants and remit same to the LRA.

The CG said pursuant to the LRA application of Executive Order 89, all penalties and interest on tax liabilities will be waived through October 23, 2018. Employees and staff are to submit treasury receipts to the Assistant Commissioner for Human Resource as proof of payment.

CG Nah also requested employees occupying or residing in non-rental properties to ensure that said properties are registered and fully tax compliant.

The CG wants all Board Members, Officials and Staff of the LRA to fully comply with the requirement of the law in the discharge of their duties as revenue collectors.

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