Liberia’s Medical Professionals Depart for Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone tanker blast death toll rises to 115 | Reuters

PLEEBO, Nov.13 (LINA) – A team of medical professionals from the Ministry of Health on Friday, November 12, departed the country for Sierra Leone to buttress doctors and nurses in that country’s efforts to attend to the catastrophe where nearly 115 people lost their lives and several persons got injured.

The explosion is believed to have happened at a junction outside the busy Choithram Supermarket in the densely populated Wellington suburb in the east of the city, recently.

Sierra Leone National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) said the vehicles collided when a fuel tanker was entering a nearby filling station to discharge its fuel.

However, given the situation, the Liberian Ministry of Health has dispatched a team of medical professionals who are expected to intervene in providing basic healthcare for victims of the fire accident.

According to a Ministry of Health release, Dr. Sterman Touissant, Surgeon and Clinical Director of Partners In Health; Amos B. Richards, PA; Kathy Gray, RN; Linda Parker, RN; Patience Tokpah; Veraus B. Topor, RN, and Josephine Kermon, RN, are part of the rescue mission.

It is yet unclear how long they will stay due to the nature of the situation, but the initiative is part of the Liberian Government’s intervention in its neighbor Sierra Leonean recent fire disaster.

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