Liberia’s Cultural Ambassador Juli Endee Gets Chieftaincy Title In Nigeria, Preaches Non-Violence Crusade

Amb. Endee Receives Award from Nigerian Local Leader

Liberia’s Cultural Ambassador Juli Endee is calling on Liberians to cultivate and sustain the peace prevailing in the country by doing away with activities that could derail the perpetual peace and tranquility in the country.

Although Amb. Endee did not make mention of any particular situation, it has been saturated in the country the a group calling itself the Council of Patriot (COP) has vowed a state a massive demonstration in the country beginning December 30, 2019  against the Government of Liberia.

Speaking briefly to reporters yesterday at the Roberts International Airport upon her arrival from the state of Enugu, in Nigeria where she was honored by the government of that state with a Chieftaincy Title; Madam Endee admonished Liberians to cherish, love and forgive one another short comings noting that the challenges being faced by Liberians are not unique only to the country.

She maintained that the challenges in the country are a global phenomenon and are not insurmountable but can be overcome if Liberians stand together, unite and build a country all citizens can be proud of. She at the same hope that not in too long distance future Liberia will have her own commercial airline to alleviate the difficulties and embarrassment  Liberian travelers continued to encounter unabated from foreign airlines conveying people to and from Liberia.

Touching on the award, Amb. Endee told the huge supporters including the Crusaders for Peace Cultural Troop, Band and Drama group that she led over 30-men Liberian delegation including Chief Zanzan Kawah and his team of traditional leaders, some memeber of her Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP) and  some members of disabled organization to honor an invitation extended her by the Government of Enugu State, Nigeria.

During their five-day stay in that country, his royal highness the Crown Mayor of Nike Clan, Igwe Dr. Emmanuel Oluchukwu conferred on her a Chieftaincy Title which is in scripted in the certificate presented to her at an elaborate program in the State of Enugu.

Inscriptions on the certificate reads ‘ based on the power conferred on me by the constitution of Ibagwa Nike and Traditional Rulers law of Enugu State, I hereby confer on you Her Royal Highness Queen Juli Endee Honorary Chieftaincy Title, this 7th Day of December, 2019 in recognition of your selfless services to humanity. Your Chieftaincy Designation is OCHIOHA NWANYI of IBAGWA  NIKE, EZEOKWE ANCIENT KINGDOM. Signed and Sealed in commemoration of my Ofala Festival of Unity.

The Liberia Crusaders for Peace Executive Director has meanwhile indicated that the award and another recieved earlier from the United State will soon be officially turned over to national government through the Ministry of information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism since indeed she earned them in her capacity as Liberia’s Culture Ambassador.

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