Liberians In U.S. Divided Over December 30th ‘Weah Step Down’ Protest

Flash Back Thousands protest in Liberia against corruption, economic decline on June 7, 2019

As the lead organizer of the much publicized December 30th ‘Weah Step Down’, Henry Pedro Costa, continue to inspire and mobilize thousands of Liberians on his widely view platform, the Costa Show on YouTube in the  Americas and Liberia, many have expressed their overwhelming support to this call, while others viewed to the contrary.

For many of those who spoke to the GNN in the United States specifically in New York regarding the pending December 30th ‘Weah Step Down’ protest welcomed the idea being put forward by the organizers aimed at pressurizing the George Weah-led government to step aside since it has allegedly failed to govern the country properly.

“We are in full support of this campaign in order to rescue our country’s economy which is currently been mismanaged by the George Weah-led government, unfortunately for some of us will not have the time to join the campaign in Liberia, but we are fully in support of it,” Thomas K. Wleh, a resident of New York in a chat with the GNN yesterday, voiced out.

For other Liberians who also spoke to our staff and have expressed their support to the campaign said, the leadership of the CDC has failed the Liberian people and in order not to exacerbate the suffering of the Liberian people, they urged President Weah to see reason and except the call.

“The protest on that day will be a clear message to President Weah who was popularly voted in as our President, has disappointedly failed those who voted him to power and are tired of the suffering being encountered by the majority; there must be a need for a change, the Liberian people must stand up on that day to tell the President that we are indeed tired of the suffering,” Sampson Doloquay also a resident of New York speaking to the GNN said.

As many expressed their support to the pending December 30th ‘Weah Step Down’ campaign, others at of the opposite views, noting it is not appropriate at this time to permeate what they called ‘Another Situation’ that will cause havoc, and bring disunity amongst the people of Liberia.

“We have gone through lots of upheavals, for this reason I am not in support of that protest in Liberia; my homeland, the protesters on June 7th of this year had the opportunity to compel the President to abide by their request, but instead, despite of the huge turned out on that day it was abandoned for no reason. My brother I am not in support of that protest, even though I am not is Liberia, but I have called my family back home not to support this protest,” Jacob David Toe in a chat also added his voice.

Some other Liberians who also spoke to the GNN and said they are in support or against the December 30th protest called on their fellow compatriots to be mindful in whatever decision they hope to take on that day, noting that even though what effects oneself effect all; it is not timely on this point.

However, the lead organizer of the protest, Henry Pedro Costa has disclosed on his widely view platform on YouTube in the United States, that on that day of the protest he anticipate to see not less than 50,000 to 100,000 persons in the streets, less than that he will quit and future protest, and desist to continue having the airing of the Costa Show.

Joel Cholo Brooks In New York

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