Liberians Are Hopeful Of Rep. Kolubah’s Meeting with President Weah Will Restore Sanity in Gov’t

President Weah and Rep Kolubah and some members of the Liberian Government

Hundreds of Liberians who spoke to the GNN immediately after a called meeting between President George Manneh Weah and Montserrado County District 10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah who has over the past months been a major critic of the George Weah-led Government going as far requesting for the Liberian leader’s impeachment prayed that their meeting will gain a fruitful result.

The meeting President George Weah which was held on Monday with representatives of the so-called “Independent Legislative Caucus” was a manifestation of his enduring efforts for peace and national reconciliation, according to Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe.

This meeting  was meant to stimulate, if not foster collective efforts towards sustainable development as well as ease actions that have the propensity to create division amongst Liberians and delay progress, said the government chief spokesman, who witnessed the meeting.

During the meeting at the Ministry of Justice in Sinkor, Nagbe opined, the Liberian leader made it clear that the interaction with the lawmakers, including Representative Yekeh Kolubah, who has been quite loud speaking of late, was not meant to prevent anybody from exercising their constitutional rights to protest.

It was rather a reminder of keeping the peace for national stability despite the difference in political views, said Minister Nagbe.

At the “cordial” meeting, Montserrado District Number 10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, said to the President that he (Kolubah) has nothing against President Weah, adding that his outburst was intended to draw attention to [how] the Speaker Bhofal Chambers was running the affairs of the lower House.

Rep. Kolubah had often expressed outrage in session, alleging that the Speaker hardly gives him the floor to speak on issues on the daily menu of the House of Representatives.

Moreover, Minister Nagbe said President Weah will continue such dialogue intended to promote peace and will not be limited to the “independent” lawmakers, but will extend to other Liberians as a national approach to consolidate the gains that the country has made over the years and chart a new path, together with all and sundry.

The Information Minister added that the gesture by the President was a sign of good leadership, and that “the President will reach across to people, when necessary, to interact with other members of government who are in the opposition.”

“President Weah urged those involved in organizing protest to do everything they can to work with the security apparatus and justice authorities, so that any planned protest be peaceful and not violent,” Nagbe continued.

The President lives with an estimable record of championing peace in Liberia, especially during the height of the civil war when he was peace ambassador of the United Nations Children Fund (Unicef), and later served in the same capacity in the government his administration succeeded in 2017.

The Weah-led government has always stressed its resolve to promote peace in the country, and ensure that citizens respect the rule of law, the Information minister stressed, according to the Liberia News Agency.

Speaking to the GNN, some Liberians who are hopeful that the meeting between the Liberian leader and the lawmaker will gain a fruitful result, and that the words of war allegedly being preached will stop in order for the country and its people to forge ahead peacefully.

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