Liberian Studying in Israel Calls On Compatriots To Consider Israeli Advance Degree

Prince M. Korvah, a Liberia student in Israel is challenging other Liberian students desirous of pursuing advance studies abroad, to begin considering the State of Israel. Mr. Korvah, a former President of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY), an umbrella organization to all youth and student grouping in Liberia, currently pursuing his International Master’s in Security and Diplomacy at the Tel Aviv University (TAU).

In a dispatch from Israel, has vouched for the quality of the educational standards at TAU, an institution which he says comprises 9 faculties, 106 departments and 90 research institutes, and is consistently ranked as one of the top institutions of higher learning education the world over, with its International Office directed by Ms. Maureen Meyer.

According to the former FLY official, his program of International masters enrolled into brings together a faculty of top scholars, and leading practitioners from the Israeli Armed Forces, Security Services and its Foreign Service, now headed by Prof. Dr. Azar Gat; a renowned academician and author. He points out, “the program extends far beyond the traditional classroom and is structured to have students engaged with high-ranking diplomats and other decision-makers in the weekly Ambassador Forum, building practical understanding on field visits to the Israeli borders and key security sites.”

In describing his recent internship as an Intelligence Analyst with MAX Security Incorporated, one of Israel’s leading security companies, Prince shares his experiences, “this is the best place to study. It has the special opportunity of getting to live, know and appreciate the valued quest for peace, goodwill of the Great Jewish Nation, all beyond the media perspective, as depicted by a blurred picture.”

Prince a former Liberian youth leader is expressing hope that by having more young Liberians study in Israel, it will not only provide opportunities of exposure to ”best practices” in the areas of water, agriculture, technology, defense and the hi-tech industries which are crucial to Liberia’s development, but also, it has its significance for impacting and facilitating a cross generational relationship between the youthful population of both nations, one which could give a new meaning to the great friendship that has always existed between Liberia and the State of Israel, especially for the trajectory of years ahead.

In his concluding statement, Prince recalls Liberia has always been a friendly nation to Israel, “depicted by our stance as one of two African nations which voted at the UN in 1947, in favor of the Israeli Independence,” stated the former student and youth leader, Prince M. Korvah.

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