Liberian President George Weah Makes Additional Appointments In Government

President Weah Makes Additional Appointments in Government

President George Weah has made additional appointments in Government, affecting the Ministries of Justice and Public Works, according to the Executive Mansion press release those appointed include:

  1. Ministry of Justice

Mr. Sebastian Farr    –  Deputy Inspector General/Training & Manpower

Development and Commandant, National Police Academy, Liberia National Police

Ms. Abigail Wesseh – Deputy Commissioner/Operations, Liberia-Immigration Service

  1. Ministry of Public Works

Mr. Dave Slewion   –   Assistant Minister Construction

Mr. James Reynolds  –  Assistant Minister/Planning and Programming

Ms. Kaustella Kailain –  Assistant Minister/Operations

Meanwhile, these appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.

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