Liberian Lady Stranded In Oman Cries Out, Wants Perpetrator Arrested

By: Staff Writer

Very desperate for action to be taken, a Liberian woman currently stranded in Oman has described her condition as unbearable in that part of the World as terrible.

The story of Oman over the years has been horrible especially with Liberian woman falling prey to such situation.

As Fudyar Conteh explained her nightmare in tears, disclosed that her security and basic human rights have been seized and threatened by her slaves master.

” I am no longer myself, I am restless, troubled and feels like , I am living in hell”, she explained.

According to Fudyar, she was tricked and misled allegedly by a man only identified as Mr.Dolly , a Liberian who told her that he can arrange a scholarship for her abroad and she paid all of the expenses in order to further her education only to arrived in Oman to be used as slave.

She said she was turned over unknowingly by her agent and her slave masters had already paid for her to begin work something she describe as complete wickedness on the part of Mr.Dolly.

Explaining further she stated that on several occasions, she was sexually harassed by children of her slave master but was afraid to report the matter for fear of being placed behind bars as is been done to some of her colleagues.

“I am currently taking care of ten family members in the house and one is disabled, what I am doing is modern day slavery work and I want to come home “, she stated.

Conteh, used the occasion to called on the government of Liberia to intervene into the matter because it is getting worse daily, ” we are many undergoing such suffering and we are crying and calling for President George Weah to help us return home.

Some of her friends, she told our reporter are behind bars because they exposed some of their slave masters.

“I have spend nearly three months here and I was paid about $800.00usd but my major concern is to return home because, life here is horrible”, she maintained.

Fudyar said due to the multiple of maltreatment meted against her , she has been sick and is currently at the hospital but not at her slave master residence in Al Buraimi ,Oman.

Prior to her arrival in Oman, she was a business woman who use to purchase things and give it for sell and pay to people respectively.

According to her , she wants her so called agent only identified as Mr. Dolly to be exposed and arrested for the crime of human trafficking in order to avoid other Liberian girls from being victimized by him.

When contacted via mobile on his WhatsApp number :0776946914 , Mr. Dolly did not pick my calls for four days now and also refused to respond to my many messages both on whatsapp and his local number .

However, those behind the alleged slavery business according to our investigation can be reached by the below contacts which they normally used to trick their many victims under the pretends of giving them foreign scholarship or better life.

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Cell:0777582423/0555600782/0776013346 From Monday to Saturday 9:00 Whatsapp:0777582423 Note: All our programs we are offering are all Paid program.

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