Liberian Journalists Attend Daylong Workshop On ‘Debunking Fake News’

Participating journalists at the workshop

In order to tackle fake news in their respective news rooms, a group, the FactSpace West Africa is holding a one-day workshop for 25 Liberian journalists on fact-checking and debunking fake news in their day-to-day reporting.

Another scene from the workshop

For his part, a representative from the National Elections Commission (NEC), Prince Dumba from the communication of NEC, used the occasion to encourage participants to utilize what will be provided by the facilitators on how to debunk fake news that have flooded the Liberian media community.

In his opening remarks, the President of the Press Union of Liberia, Charles B. Coffey, Jr., praised the organization based in Ghana for coming to Liberia to conduct such workshop which is important to the Liberian journalism community in debunking fake news.

A Kenyan Facilitator lecturing journalists about fake news

He urged the participants to listen carefully to the facilitators who are cloth with the responsibilities of tutoring journalists on how to avoid publishing fake news, and how to debunk said in their reportorial duties.

Explaining the importance of fact-checking and debunking fake news, the two lead facilitators, Rabiu Alhassan, Director of FactSpace West Africa, and Eric Mugendi, Programme Manager for Africa, Meedon lectured the participants the importance of the daylong workshop.

During the workshop, participants assessed the impact of fake news in the Liberian society both in the health and political sector, and the use of basic digital tools for fact-checking.

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