Liberian Journalist Turns US Insurance Guru

By: Nathan P. Charles |

Mr. Peter Massaquoi

Leaving his native homeland Liberia, Mr. Peter Massaquoi, had big dreams of becoming successful in the United State, but had no idea of venturing into insurance business.

Peter, like many other Liberians and decedents of African, Asian, European countries who come to the USA via the Diversity Visa Program only think of working for companies and earning money to improve their living conditions.

There are lots of opportunities in developed countries including the USA for people of all colors and nations but don’t come easily, only by great works, abiding the laws, clean records, and commitment.

He says, it just didn’t  happened on a silver platter but spend hours developing himself, working and advancing his scholastic quest over the years to achieved his dream.

“I was motivated to open my own business after realizing that I needed financial freedom and wanted to spend more time with my family. Prior to opening my business, I worked with eight (8) different companies’ doing odd jobs and earning less the $18 an hour”, Mr. Massaquoi noted.

Today, his story has change from working at odd jobs to running his own LLC insurance Agency at  439 S Broad St #104, Trenton, NJ 08611, providing  insurance coverage for over  eight thousand  customers .

His insurance company with headquarters in the state of New Jersey, is an independent Insurance Agency that provides affordable auto, homeowners,  Life & Health insurance.  The Agency represents many carriers, which includes top insurance companies in the USA and because of that ,they are good at the game to provide flexible insurance rates and products based on their clients’ specific needs.

“We will be credible to both our clients and carriers by putting them first in everything we do as an insurance agency” says Mr. Massaquoi.

Residents of the states of Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia , Maryland, North Carolina, Minnesota  with a huge population of Liberians, African-Americans and Spanish people  are benefiting from his company’s low cost insurance for their houses, cars, and life.

His professional services have earned his entity a very high rating on the USA Small Business Owners website and Google review.

Some of his customers including, Peter Williams , Manager – DNS Records Hosting at Global Village Network Inc. based in New York. Williams writes “I recommended Peter Massaquoi because, he is honest, sincere, and hard working on lot of meaningful projects in the virtual and real world globally”.

Another Google review writer, Keon White ,  pens “If it weren’t for Peter, idk (I don’t know)  what I would have done. No matter who I called, I was getting $600+ auto quotes due to my driving records. But because of Peter & Sherwin I’m now paying almost half of that. I recommend EVERYONE to see these guys.

While Tena and Seymour Gifford, owner of Gifford Enterprises Moving and Relocation Storage Cleanout Services spoke highly about his low and affordable insurance prices “ Great Insurance prices!!” they wrote.

Thousand of Americans are feeling the pinch when it comes to insurance due to the huge price associated with it. Insurance becomes even complicated to get affordable if you were involved in multiple accidents.

Lorenzo Giddens writes  “Big ups to Peter !!!! Got me out of a major bind that I was in for MONTHS. GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

The insurance business in America is completive and most big companies are succeeding because of their huge banks accounts and contacts.  Peter Massaquoi  says,  his entity is  succeeding due to his communication skills when interacting  with customers couple with other advertising tactics .

“I also developed a marketing strategy to meet customers’ at their homes and work places. I developed a referral network with car dealerships, real estate agents, African shops and Churches within the communities I operate  my business” he disclosed.

The Liberian Journalist, who turns insurance guru in the USA, while in Liberia, worked with Truth FM / Real TV and was very instrumental in scrutinizing several issues, including the Firestone Plantation water pollution saga, human rights violations, drugs shortage in rural Liberia amongst others.

For him, the pen has not left his hand but sees the Insurance business aspect as a means of leaving a legacy, contributing to society, and affording Africans and other people cheep insurance opportunities in the USA and the world at large.

Mr. Massaquoi also spoke of plans to extend his services to Minnesota a city with a very high Liberian community and other states. He said already discussions with the leadership of the Liberia Business Association in the USA and some Liberians on opening a branch of his agency in the Twin city is on course.

The young Liberian who’s turns into insurance guru in the USA  is also thinking about his homeland and craving for  his people in Liberia to have peace of mind when it comes to insurance.

He has spoken of plans to lunch and operate his insurance agencies throughout Liberia and is currently doing some feasibility studies. “By March, 2020, we intent to officially lunch Peter Massaquoi Insurance Liberia Limited. Our company will specialize in basic auto insurance policy for low income workers within and outside government” He disclosed.

According to him, Liberians in the USA and other parts of the world must designed strategies to help their country and Kingsman.

“I am aware that the business climate in Liberia is challenging, but we are prepared to make the difference. The insurance sector in Liberia needs professional and reliable companies to help the citizens” he said .

Mr. Massaquoi believed Liberians in the diaspora can help transform Liberia, by portraying  good image of the country and supporting sectors such as agriculture, technology,  health and   also lobby with investors to invest in Liberia and its people.

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