LIBERIA: Two Court Employees Detained For Alleged Forgery

The Monrovia City Court has detained two employees assigned at the Temple of Justice for allegedly falsifying a judge’s signature on a divorce document.

The two are assigned at the Criminal Court “D” and Civil Law Court “B” as Clerk of Court and Clerk Typist respectively.

A writ of arrest was issued against defendants Francis Morlu and Simpson Karmo on Monday for alleged falsification the signature of the Presiding Judge of Civil Law Court “B,” Scheaplor Dunbar on the divorce document.

The writ stated that the crime was committed during the period of June 2018 at the Temple of Justice by the defendants while serving in the employ of the judiciary and assigned at Court “D” and Civil Law Court “B” respectively.

The writ further indicated that the defendants purposely and intentionally did connive and conspire to criminally forge and falsify court documents of divorce, purporting to dissolve a marital bond that exists, using the seal of court with the intent to deceive Janice Bondo Saylay Twun, by and thru her Attorney-at- Law, Ndaima G. Saylay Sr, who are parties in the divorce case

The writ pointed out that the alleged act of the defendants is unlawful, wicked, criminal, illegal and intentional and is in violation of Section 15.70 of the New Penal Law of Liberia..

Meanwhile, the defendants have been served suspension letters for time indefinite, and have been detained at the Monrovia Central Prison awaiting trial.

Source: Liberia News Agency

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