LIBERIA: Tubman University Response to Bush Chicken, Issues Press Release

It has come to the attention of the administration of William V.S. Tubman University (TU) that Bush Chicken, an online newspaper published a misleading and exaggerated story about the University.

On March 21, 2019, the newspaper published a story captioned, “Professors Leave TU in Droves as President Says No Money to Pay.”

In that story, the newspaper’s Maryland County correspondent alleged that several professors have left the university and students who have not paid their fees risked losing their status as students.

This story is false and misleading. Clarification: The heading of the story does not reflect what is happening at TU. Two professors mentioned in the story are foreign faculty.

One is pursuing his doctorate and plans to return while the other left on family matters. In fact, the two professors have been replaced and a total of eleven (11) new faculty members have been hired this semester.

Tubman University attracts faculty from a global arena. In a bid to attract Liberian faculty, the University introduced a “Grow Our Own” scholarship program.

Through this program, the University has trained over twelve (12) Liberian studying at the master’s degree level at Universities in South Africa and Uganda respectively.

Besides, salaries are current and have not been late in the past thirteen months.


“Wreh-Wilson has warned students who are not on scholarship or financial aid to pay their activity fees before midterm exams or risk being considered auditors…”


It is common practice at TU to register students who have not completed payment for the semester. And the university president has an obligation to encourage students to make payment. But no student has been denied access to the campus let alone the exam hall.


“The central government has only made available US$5,250.00 to be used to operate the University.”


The amount allocated by Government for goods and services far exceeds US$5,250.00 for this academic year. It would be helpful if reporters were to provide context for statements that point to factual issues. This figure is grossly understated; and is therefore false and misleading.

Tubman University is an accessible academic community and therefore encourages individuals/journalists seeking information to contact our department of Public and Media Relations.

The President of the University, Dr. Elliott Wreh-Wilson, is committed to the mission and vision of the University.

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