LIBERIA: The Family of The late Princess Cooper Says They Are Tired, Requests Deceased’s Body

Family members including mother of the late Princess Cooper

The family of the late Princess Cooper has written the Liberian Government, rejecting second autopsy, saying they are tired of the delay, and further requesting the body of their late daughter.

The request was made through a communication from one of the lawyers representing the family, Cllr. Findley Karngar.

According to Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs, Jarlawa Tompo, the family in a communication, wants Government to turn over the body of the Princess Cooper.

Speaking at the MICAT regular press briefing Thursday, July 14, 2022, Minister Tompo said:” A formal response to the family will be through the Ministry of Justice.”

It can be recalled that the family of the deceased earlier called for a second autopsy, after pathologist hired by Government released an autopsy report on the late Princess Cooper.

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