Rep. Fonati Koffa Promotes peaceful election in Grand Kru County

From Leroy Maxwell Sonpon In Grand Kru County*

CDC Grand Kru Campaign Manager and District @2 Representative Cllr. Koffa meets Senatorial aspirants Numene T.H. Bartekwa and Dr. Alfred Toe Segbe in his Sasstown downbeach home)

In an effort to promote peaceful election in Grand Kru County void of violence — mainly destruction of properties, as well as  instigation of  hates, invectives and divisions in the county during and after the electoral process,  the campaign chairman of the ruling Congress of Democratic Change (CDC) met two of the opposition frontrunners on Friday.

Grand Kru County District #2 Representative Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, in a brief and separate meetings with Senatorial aspirants former District #2 Representative Numene T.H. Bartekwa and Dr. Alfred Toe Segbe on the same day,  said as he had told his candidate, Dr. Peter Sonpon Coleman, he urged them to refrain from making any divisive and hate speeches and promote the values ​​of peace and social cohesion during the electoral process.

A staff to Representative Koffa, who begged not to be name, said the campaign manager  indicated that the county is the “common denominator” and everyone should upheld the peace.

Former Representative, Bartekwa and then Dr. Segbe, accordingly, committed themselves against violence and hate speeches.

The meetings were concluded with handshakes and photo shots.

The Friday’a meetings were held in the home of Rep. koffa at Sasstown downbeach.

The CDC Grand Kru County Campaign manager furthered that the media should  always lead in the promoting peaceful electoral processes.

Both rivals and opposition in the Grand Kru Senatorial race are running as independent while the main contender and incumbent, Dr. Coleman is on the CDC ticket.

Up to yesterday, the polls conducted by community radios had put Dr. Coleman in  narrow lead, with 34% while Dr. Segbe and Mr. Bartekwa are trailing with 32% and 30% respectively. Four percent of the votes are undecided.

Meanwhile, Liberia’s electoral processes have been rocked tensions or  violence over the years evidently with recent burning of properties in Grand Cape Mount County. It started in Bomi County with clash between supporters nof two candidates which resulted to many injuries.

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