LIBERIA: ‘Ravaging’ Ebola Film Title: Hell’s Gate To be Released

Monrovia- On Friday, November 29, 2019, at Golden Gate Hotel, a film title “Hell’s Gate’ on the Ebola virus movie will be launched.

The film document cardinal information about the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in Liberia. The Red Carpet for the Premiere and Dinner starts at 5p.m.

A total of 11,207 people died from Ebola in Liberia, neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone since the outbreak began in December 2013, according to the WHO. Around 43 percent of those deaths were in Liberia, where the epidemic peaked between August and October with hundreds of cases a week.

The movie is produced by Liberian emerging filmmaker – movie writer, actor and director Cosme R. Pulano Jr. Pulano says his passion for cinematography dates back to his infant years, as his theatrical performances begun at the Lady of Lebanon Catholic Church, in Monrovia.

“It is the first-ever future film shot in Liberia about the deadly Ebola Virus Disease outbreak and goes beyond the makings of independent movies.

According to CNN “Inside Africa Lollywood”, the project goes beyond the makings of just another independent movie but one that has placed an emerging film industry on an enviable upward trajectory toward unending development and growth, which will expose it to new markets, producers and directors. Vision International Production (VIP) in collaboration with Messiah Investment completed the film’s principal photography in June, 2019.

Pulano says the movie will also provide cardinal education for generations using audiovisuals and story-telling.

It is to serve as a continuous means of education that Ebola Virus Disease is lurking and may return.

‘Hell’s Gate’ is expected to transform the lives of many young people who will showcase their talents and earn money that will be infused into the economy.

According to Pulano, key partners will independently ensure that support and hope is provided for Ebola orphans who have turned to other unbearable actions to earn a living.

“Fifteen percent of estimated profit will be used to provide quality education for selected Ebola orphans who are yet to benefit from any meaningful intervention thus far. An independent panel of reputable individuals in the Liberian society will be established to vet applicants,” says Pulano, director of the blockbuster movie, Decisions.

The movie, which is the sole property of Vision International Production, is been done in collaboration with Messiah Investment, which is owned and operated by Nurudeen Sanni.

Like Pulano, Sanni, the Director of Photography of the project thanked God that they could have completed the project, which has a one hundred percent Liberian crew and actors.

He says the crew and actors in the film are Liberians, including Eddie Watson, Jr., Ghana and Nigerian based Liberian actor and Korto Davies.

He notes that he was glad to have worked with Pulano and Watson, who directed the film, to do this project that he believes will take the world by surprise.

Tickets are on sale for the event ranging from US$250, US$100, US$75 to US$50. The colorful event will include cultural performances, live interviews on the Red Carpet, Photo op, dinner and full viewing of the film. 

 About the film 

Hell’s Gate is a historical fiction/ romantic drama film about the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Liberia. Their blissful relationship is flowering and generating some envy within their community of friends.

Amidst the odds and a secret to be kept, they are planning a glamorous wedding during the Ebola outbreak. However, in a twinkling of an eye, their wedding plans are shattered after they care for an Ebola patient.

Unfortunately, the unforeseen killer disease shattered their plans and plunged the nation into a devastating health crisis.

Many had failed to accept that Ebola was real and didn’t heed the advice of health workers. The chances of survival of many including the couple became uncertain as the deadly Ebola Virus Disease brought Liberians to the brink of Hell’s Gate.

Families were torn apart; loved ones, separated. Hell’s Gate is a story inspired by true-life events.

Musu, who doesn’t want to see her husband-to-be, after he didn’t show up on their wedding day, must face him in an Ebola Treatment Unit. Their story is the subject of a movie that is as much a tale of resilience and hope as it is a narration for history and mass education.

Brief Description of Vision International Production  

Vision International Production (VIP) is an audio-visual organization established to contribute to the transformation of society by providing education and entertainment through films – theatre, television, and motion picture – that reflect Christian values and/or societal virtues and promote our unique culture.

VIP was established on June 13, 2015, by Cosme R. Pulano, Jr. and is a legal entity duly registered following the laws of Liberia. Since its inception, the production house has released its debut film, “Decisions, yesterday determines today, today determines tomorrow.”

With the zest for quality and tasteful productions and the desire to positively impact and help transform the movie landscape of Liberia, VIP also has held two editions of its signature program, ‘Treasure Hunt,’ which is meant to transform church drama teams into movie ensembles.

VIP currently has a small management structure headed by the Executive Director who is assisted by a program officer, an accountant and consultants. There is also a 9-member board of advisors.   

About the Producer  

Pulano, Jr., is an emerging filmmaker – movie writer, actor and director. His passion for cinematography dates back many years as oral historians have revealed that his theatrical performances began at the Lady of Lebanon Catholic Church, in Monrovia.

He starred in his debut television production, “Between Love, Hate and Denial,” in the late nineties. Until 2004, he was featured in “Just Once” and “Games” and was a part of many unfinished works, including “Sobono” and “To the End” — the latter he wrote and directed. In 2015, he returned to film production. Cosme wrote, acted and directed Decisions, VIP debut film.

He has participated in national and international media initiatives and trainings and contributed to the growth of the media landscape of Liberia.

He earned a master’s degree in public administration from Cuttington University Graduate School in 2014, where he served as senior class president.

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