LIBERIA: Proper Education on the use of Internet K-12 Grade Students; GAFL Chief Scribe Urges Gov’t

By Amos Harris 

Girls Alliance for Future Leadership (GAFL) Secretary General   Jamestta Flomo urges the government of Liberia to provide education on the use of the internet to K- 12 grade students in the country. 

 Speaking on June 16, 2023 at the International Day of the African Child, the ceremony was held at the AME Zion Academy on Benson Street in Monrovia.

 According  to her,  June  16,   each  year  is  the  celebrated  around  the  world, African  child  is  an  annual  event come  into existence  in 1991  when,  the organization of  African unity now  the  African  union set aside the day to remember the 1976 massacre of over  one hundred  school kids in the  township of Soweto in apartheid south  Africa.

 She said the day has been used to denounce  injustice  against  children, Liberia has had  its  share  of  injustice against  children  especially  the girl child, Girl  Alliance  fellow  the AU focus  in  its  celebration of  the day. 

   The African committee experts on the rights and Welfare of the child theme for the DAC 2023 is, “The of the child in the digital environment”   she said locally Theme for this year’s celebration is, “Creating a friendly digital environment for girls.”  The world is now digitized by digital; I mean something relating to, using or storing data or information in the form of digital signals.

   Meanwhile, the Secretary General calls for restrictive  parenting which has the potential to place culpability on teenagers, ignoring the societal forces that are playing a major role in the internet chaos.

The government in most countries across the globe with the Liberian government as no exception only reacts to the   wrong use of the internet in the face of danger to their power base.

 We  are  calling  on the government of Liberia  through  the ministry of education  to ensure  GSM  companies in the country  fund  internet education  for all  Liberian teenagers  especially  the Liberian girl child.

According to Girls Alliance for Future Leadership, Secretary General, Ms. Flomo  said the  internet  is  a global  computer  network  providing  a variety  of information and communication facilities,  consisting  of  interconnected  networks  using  standardized   communication  protocols, is now  years since  the world  wide  web.

She said  the  internet has its good, bad  and  ugly reality, even though  there  is little evidence  that  social  media  directly  displaces   meaningful  interaction  with  close  relational  partners,  the challenges  of  the  wrong use  of social media render  significant  consequences,  she  said.

For her part, student  Jenny Addy Payre who is in the eleven  grade  student who  represented the Cathedral Catholic High  school  said she was happy to be part of the celebration  in Liberia, “as  we celebrate this day of the African child, we  need  to  focus  on our  education  for a brighter  future”.     

Meanwhile, National Coordinator of the Girls Alliance for   Future Leadership, Patricia Davies   said the girls’ children are the future of any nation.

 We call  on all parents  to educate their  girl  child or  children, if  the girl is  educated,  she  will  choose  between good and bad  for her Country  and  she will  also be  an ambassador  for  other  girls, She said .

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