LIBERIA: “Prioritize your own Occasions over Politicians” -PUL Assistant Secretary Urged

Mr. Akoi M. Baysah, Jr.


The Assistant Secretary General of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), Akoi M. Baysah Jr. has called on journalists across the country to prioritize their own occasions.

Making remarks on behalf of the Union in Ganta City, Nimba County at the induction ceremony of the Nimba Community Radio Association (NICORA), he urged journalists to care for themselves than politicians.

“We have promoted politicians for so long and what we have gotten in return is cool shoulders and their refusal to answer our calls”

“Let us prioritize our own occasions over the occasions of politicians, value our issues over the issues of politicians and see if we will not make a big difference “, PUL Assistant Secretary General added.

Baysah further cautioned the inducted NICORA officials to exhibit a good leadership practice that will empower and equipped member journalists to professionally conduct themselves at all times.

The PUL Deputy Secretary at the same time encouraged the newly inducted officials of NICOLA to put aside the differences for the continual improvement of the profession, the county, and the country at large.

He discouraged those journalists who are in the constant habit of prioritizing issues concerning politicians over the issue affecting journalists.

“This must be discontinued, as it is not helping us in any way to better our lives but, empowering politicians to continue to flourish and disregard the public interest “,

Baysah noted.

For his part, NICOLA President Kennedy Domah has vowed to ensure that journalists in the county are provided those necessary things needed to better their practicing environment.

According to Domah, there will be a loan scheme available for journalists aim at improving their capabilities to enable a vibrant and professional working space.

He finally asked for the support of his colleagues to justly do the work of their comrade.

His inauguration has since been delayed as a result of disagreement amongst members in 2019.

This has lasted from the period of August 2019 to August 2021 after several failed mediation by several officials including the journalist’s body Press Union.

On this seventh day of August, it was made possible through the PMC of Nimba County.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the Reporters Association of Liberia, Mark Mengonfia wants media owners of Nimba County to discontinue constructing radio stations and recruit reporters on a gentlemen agreement without salaries.

“This should not be happening to the media”, Mengonfia noted.

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