LIBERIA: President Weah Brags Of His Leadership, Says ‘Democracy Is At Work’

Addressing the nation on Wednesday, May 29, 2019, President George Manneh Weah bragged of his leadership, stressing, “I am proud to say today that Liberia is a democracy where people, who seek to do so lawfully, peacefully, and responsibly, can and do express their opinions, whether in our legislature, on our campuses, in teashops, and in peaceful demonstrations”.

In his pre-recorded message broadcast live on major radio stations, the Liberian leader said, “This is not Sudan, where one man ruled for 30 years and now the military is in control. This is not Venezuela, where citizens are denied their rights, where the legislature is unable to play its role, and humanitarian aid is blocked from reaching people in desperate need,” President Weah bragged of his leadership.

“In Liberia, while we will continue to face many challenges such as managing inflation, creating jobs, and fighting corruption; our commitment to democratic principles is strong and central to our country’s development and stability.”

Adding, “A nation is not defined only by easy and happy times, when everything is going well. Rather, a nation is defined by the ability of its people to overcome difficult moments in their history. And this is only possible when we come together as One People. Our strength will always lie in our unity, because if we are divided, we will never overcome the ills of our society,”

President Weah recounted how Liberians have had some difficult moments, noting, “But those moments do not define us. Those dark times did not define us. We overcame that gloomy history and today Liberia is a shining multiparty democracy in which freedom is supreme”.

“With the help of our regional and international partners, we overcame both war and the disease. Liberia has since remained a haven of peace and has undergone a successful democratic transfer of power,” the President in his address stressed.

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