LIBERIA: Preach Without Fear Or Favor …Rev. Dr. Reeves Challenges Newly Ordained Baptist Pastor

Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves Jr., President of the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention (LBMEC), has thrown out a challenge to the newly ordained and inducted Pastor of the Lucia B. Paygai Baptist Church in Marshall, Margibi County.

On the occasion marking the ordination and subsequent induction of Pastor Lucia B. Paygai of the newly established Baptist Church on Sunday, June 26, 2023, Rev. Dr. Reeves challenged the clergywoman to preach without fear or favor to the glory of God so as to change society for the better.

The ordination and induction ceremony of Pastor Lucia B. Paygai, along with Rev. Dr. Q. Somah Paygai and Deacon James M. Sackie was conducted by the Providence Baptist Association (PBA); the ecclesiastical body of the Baptist Church in Liberia.

“In addition to the charge by the PBA, my charge to you is to call on you to preach without fear or favor; preach the truth with the word of God.  It’s not about who likes what you preach or not. It’s about preaching the truth so that Lord will be glorified,” he indicated.

Furthermore, Rev. Dr. Reeves urged the newly inducted Pastor to help in the expansion of the activities of the Baptist faith in Liberia.

“By your ordination and induction, your function expands beyond this region. You are a minister of the gospel and not of a particular region, but for the entire country and the Baptist Church,” said Rev. Dr. Reeves.

The head of the Baptist Church then expressed great delight over the addition of a new member church, stressing adding that the establishment of the Lucia B. Paygai Baptist Church is in line with Convention for the expansion of the faith.

“I feel awesome that a new member church has been added onto us. Our goal is to expand the kingdom of God. One of our goals right now is to expand our convention by means of expanding the numbers of Baptist Churches. Right now, there are about 300 churches and we have a goal adding 150 new churches within the next three years; that is, 50 churches every year.”

In remarks, Pastor Paygai expressed her heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Baptist Church for the recognition given the new church by the LBMEC.

She vowed to live up to the charges given to her by the PBA and the President of the LBMEC, stating that giving her services to the things of God is her dream come true.  

“I feel very good. It’s something that I have long wished for so I am very honored. You know when you wish for something and you get that thing, you can feel very pleased with what you have gotten,” she pointed out.

“I am humbled to be a representative of God’s word on this earth.  That was an open charge onto me and I will do just what I have been charged to do. I know who God is, and that’s why I thought it wise that the best place to invest is in the things of the Lord.”

“It pays to be humbled and this is what I have done over the years and this is what I have been asking my congregation to do,” Rev. Pst. Paygai added.

Meanwhile, clergies of the PBA that conducted the ordination and induction include: Rev. Adolphus Barr, Deacon Augustine O. Jalloh, Rev. E. Quoigbaye Wamah, Rev. Theophilus Annan, Vice Moderator, Deacon S. Ignitius Satiah, and Deacon Melvin T. Bettie.

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