Police Detain 24 Suspected Criminals In Upper Buchanan

Flash Back: Inmates behind bars

BUCHANAN |LINA | Twenty-four men arrested by the Liberia National Police (LNP) in Grand Bassa County have been incarcerated at the Upper Buchanan Prison for being in possession of lethal weapons amidst the recent alarming crime rate in the county.

According to the Grand Bassa County detachment of the LNP, the men were picked up at separate locations during regular police patrol.

Those involved were picked up on July 20 and 21 in the Harlandsville Township and Buchanan City, the police report said.

It said the men were arrested with cutlasses, knives, scissors and ‘rubber guns’ (slings) in their hideout where they were “smoked out” by the LNP.

The individuals were charged with terroristic threat and illegal possession of lethal weapons.

The police report named them as Darius Koon, Jefferson Kolua, Samuel Wilson, Lewis David, Abbie Wheatoe and Rudolph Zee, among others.

Between the period June and July this year, several citizens, including media practitioners, were attacked, beaten and personal belongings such as smart phones, recorders and cash were taken away from others by unknown individuals.

Radio Gbehzohn News Director, Alpha Bah, the Director of News at Radio Dukpa and ECOWAS Grand Bassa Nationwide Correspondent, Alexander Musa Jr., as well as Frank Payne and Zahn Dehyugar, both of Magic FM in Buchanan, were media personalities victimized.

The phones of the County Information Officer Eddie Williams were also snatched by the armed suspects.

Like other citizens, they were attacked during the night hours when unidentified men demanded their belongings and threatening for “talking about us every day on the Radio for police to arrest us eeeehn! You will see.”

The suspects have been turned over to the Second Judicial Circuit Court in Upper Buchanan for trial.

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