LIBERIA: Police Arrest 12 In Connection With Pipe-Line Road Riot

Police Chief Patrick Sudu

(LINA) – The Liberia National Police (LNP) has arrested twelve persons said to be connected to the riot that took place in the Red Light Pipe-Line Road community on Sunday, August 4.

Police spokesman Moses Carter in an interview with the Liberia News Agency (LINA) on Monday explained that the riot started as the result of the murder of a man identified as John Flomo, who was stabbed during the early morning hours of Sunday by some disadvantaged youths (Zogos) in the Johnsonville community while attempting to steal his phone.

According to Carter, the incident prompted citizens of Johnsonville to march to the Red-light community (an area believed to be the hideout for Zogos) with the intent to ‘burn down ghettos and kill Zogos.’

During the riot several ghettoes, homes and shops were burned in the Red-light community at which time the police intervened and arrested twelve persons.

Carter indicated that the LNP is currently investigating the individuals and will charge them appropriately and send them to court.

He pointed out that the LNP is currently carrying out ‘intelligence gathering’ in the Red-light community to arrest others involved in the riot.

“We are asking the public to exercise patience as the LNP is conducting its investigation to ascertain the actual cause of the riot,” Carter stated.

He, however, urged the public to use the legal means to seek redress whenever they are aggrieved.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Gobar Chop Field community in Red-light told LINA that the structures that were set ablaze during the riot were not ghettoes but homes and shops, adding: “To see civilians burning people properties is not a good sign for the country.”

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